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Default Overtraining and random thoughts.

A few days ago my mind went blank, it's happened alot recently. When my mind and body finally clicked back into gear I realised I'd just been staring at a empty water bottle for atleast 5 minutes. It's possibly a combination of my natural lazyness in certain aspects of my life and the fact that I still feel at 24 I've got time on my side before I should see the doctor about possible explanations regarding loss of brain function.

Finally I raised my body up from the chair and filled the water bottle back up, 10 seconds later it was empty again. I really dont drink enough the rest of the time, by the time of my third run in slightly more than 40 hours my body's screaming out for all the water it's lost in sweat. Sweat was a mixed blessing the previous night, prove that I'd been pushing myself hard at the time. It was the 5th (or was it 6th?) rep in a speed session of 10x2minutes. The recovery was kind, a whole minute to try and pretend that I'm finding this whole thing a walk in the park. In fact I'm finding this whole thing remarkably similar to the feeling I imagine someone gets being tortured by the Gestapo in the park.

That's a thought next time I'll try and imagine the Nazis are after me and that I've got just 4 minutes to save the world. But that would involve screaming (probably) and so I'll have to leave such Jedi-mind tricks for the solo runs. Anyway back to the session, half way through. I swear the mental effort pretending that this doesn't hurt and that I could easily do 20 2 minute efforts could be better used on the actual running.

Not that you are never not hurting and putting in the effort on a speed session, it's a question though of when to go that little bit harder. It's just a little bit but do it at the wrong time or to much or to often and it's gonna **** you up. So back to looking down at the stopwatch, if there's less than 20 seconds left on this rep I'll push it, I didn't last rep and that's just selling yourself short.

****, I cant read the numbers on the stopwatch. It's the sweat, no it's not sweat anymore, it's now salt and it's in my eyes. That's effort atleast I console myself. What seems like an eternity the tenth rep comes along, which through some trick of the mind happens to be the fastest. If I'd gone of like this on the 9th rep I'd be on the floor after 30 seconds. Why does the mind have to be so powerful? Maybe if I gave it more water it would be more co-operative

I feel content for all of about 10 minutes, there's a nagging thought going through my head. What if I pushed those middle reps a little bit harder? By this time I've convinced myself I could of, sure at the time it felt like my heart was going to burst through my chest but really that whole sweat in the eyes was just an excuse. A excuse ****ing losers would use, I'm never gonna win Olympic gold but after years wasted lifting weights it's clicked what my body was built for and to make the very best out what potential I've got I need to prepared to go through a little bit more pain.

So my slow walk begins to turn into a brisk walk and before I know it I'm jogging. The last 200 metres to my destination I'm sprinting. Content for a little while, but if I was training harder I wouldn't have the energy would I? I make a vow, tommorrow morning by the time I've stopped there wont be enough energy in my legs to get up the stairs in any pace faster than your average 90 year old.

After 20 reps of 90 seconds it takes me 5 minutes for my mind to even remember I've got to climb them stairs. I know I should eat but after such physical effort I dont feel that hungry which is at odds with the general feeling of constantly being starving.

I will take a day of soon but I'm addicted. Addicted to what I dont know, it's not the pain and honestly there's not enough of the 'runners high' to make it worthwhile. I haven't had enough of this 'high' to convince myself it isn't more a urban myth. Got to start training smarter though, I'm up right now writing this because I slept 14 hours last night. Only a light 5 mile run this evening, but that's more of what I need.

My goal was to go under 16 minutes for a local 5K in the UK sometime this year, I got back from Australia a month ago. Two weeks ago I did 16.56, but I'm living of the work I did a few months ago. Long boring slow runs of 25K, 90 minute fartlek runs, interval work involving 600m to a mile and all the way back down. Got to get there again, it will come easier this time. I've done it once and I'll do it again only this time I will be made of harder stuff.

Tomorrow. 10x4 minutes 2 minute recovery
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