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Golota by KO/TKO 4 50.00%
Golota by decision 1 12.50%
Draw 0 0%
Spinks by KO/TKO 1 12.50%
Spinks by decision 2 25.00%
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Old 09-12-2009, 07:56 PM   #16
Quick Cash
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Default Re: Prime Andrew Golota vs. Michael Spinks

Originally Posted by Russell View Post

Golota sure has fought for a long time against any number of opponents with this only happening twice against the same opponent.
It must be said that a particular pet peeve of mine is poorly thought-out generalizations regarding fight results like Vitali quitting on the stool everytime out etc. However, it is a fact that Spinks had a very infuriating style of fighting-- I've seen Golota bothered by much less-- and it is also fact that Spinks was very vocal when being fouled. It is really down to whether or not the referee will see it Spinks' way. An old-fashioned referee, for example, might award the fight to Golota based on Michael's unwillingness to continue the fight.

I agree with Chris in that Andrew, indeed, has the tools necessary to dominate the action. A prepared Spinks will anticipate this and adjust his gameplan accordingly, fighting on his own terms only.
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Default Re: Prime Andrew Golota vs. Michael Spinks

Golota of Bowe I beats Spinks... Golota outjabs and has little to worry about power from Spinks and is not going to be intimidated.. Spinks was fighting a Holmes who was about 80% of his natural speed by the time they fought... he was at the end of his career and Spinks was young and quick... but Golota would be quicker with his jab...
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Default Re: Prime Andrew Golota vs. Michael Spinks

Originally Posted by ChrisPontius View Post
Golota mostly had trouble with hard hitting or big, strong imposing opponents. Spinks is neither of those. Let's not forget that in '96, against Bowe, Golota was one of the best superheavyweights we've ever seen... in terms of skill, speed and stamina. He lacked power, but i don't think that will be a problem against a naturally much smaller man like Spinks. I know it's popular to pick the opponent by DQ, but he was really really good against "safe" opponents. When far past his best, he nearly beat Ruiz and Byrd back-to-back; only to be stopped by Brewster in 60 seconds.

Golota is no Tangsted. I'd take him by TKO. As much as i like Spinks, i don't think he was all that good as a heavyweight. Holmes was old and out of shape when he beat him, and during the rematch when Larry trained well, Larry should've probably won. Williams had also beaten Holmes a year before, in my opinion. Not that Holmes was an easy mark, but a peak Golota was way, way better when matched with a Spinks-type of boxer.
I just went back and watched some of Golota's fights. He was a hell of a lot better during the Bowe fights than after them. Those fights ruined Golota, seemed to take away his confidence and heart. I think that this Golota was as almost as far removed from his prime as post prison Tyson. Golota would have done a hell of a lot better if Rid**** Bowe wasnt such a great fighter (bowe himself impressed me a lot more than i remember).

Saying this, i think it is incorrect to describe Golota as a skilled Super Heavy who lacked power. I think that Bowe had plenty of power, i think though that he lacked KO ability, due to poor offensive skills. To but that into context, it is quite clear that Bowe had pretty good defence. Always kept his defence up. Golota really had poor technique. He arm punched and rarely put his full weight behind his punch. No different to what Guys like Willard are often accused of. What made up for this was that he was quite fast, through quite a few combinations and he did have plenty of power (as you would expect somone of his size to be). Golota's other problem was that he didnt know what to do when he was hurt. He needed to learn how to clinch and slow things up. His tactic seemed to be to go low to buy himself some time! I dont think that it would be fair to say that Bowe is any more of a skilled superheavyweight than Jerry ****ey.

Still, i must admit rewatching the Bowe Golota II fight, really impressed me, i wouldnt totally discount this Bowe against Spinks (post Bowe has no hope). I would like to now reserve judgment on this fight, until i can see another copy of Michael Spinks vs ****ey, which sadly, i cant seem to find on youtube at the moment
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