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Default Re: 5 favourite fights

Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
I don't think Pacquiao beat a prime Morales, I have never ever said so.

I am willing to accept that Morales had been on a gradual decline for a while by the time of the second Pac fight, I am not saying he was in the exact same condition he was in for the first fight (I have always said that Morales's win over Pac was a better win than Pac's wins over Morales).

Wins over past-prime stars in great competitive fights do have great value, of course they do. Just because someone is not at the absolute apex of their mental and physical powers does not mean they roll over and have their belly tickled. As I keep saying, Morales would have torched many other solid superfeathers that night. I don't understand how anyone can sit watching the barnburner that is round 7 of the 2nd Pac-Morales fight and think any differently.
Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
Morales was the one who chose the Reyes puncher's gloves for the second fight, it was clear he didn't want to outbox Pac, he wanted to war. This should also be clear from his approach in round 1. He isn't trying and failing to outbox Pac, he is trying to go to war with him (and doing a f*cking decent job of it in the 1st).

An important point which I dunno if you chaps are aware of is that Morales outweighed Pac on fightnight in the 1st clash, whereas Pac had 5lbs on Morales in the 2nd fight. Rather than you guys' dewy-eyed and highly convenient (and horribly tenuous and vague) theory that Morales was, for some unknown reason, "done" after the 1st Pac fight, I'd say there was far more significance to how the fight went that Morales wore Pac's puncher's gloves and tried to war with him while being outweighed.
Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
It's all very well all this "Morales would never get stopped" stuff, but every human being has the capacity to get stopped. As I pointed out earlier, guys like Ramirez and Chuvalo were stopped, and they proved their whiskers and toughness to a greater extent than Erik Morales did. The right punches at the right time from the right opponent can crumple anyone. Morales may have looked strong as an ox throughout his career, but ask yourself, when did he ever fight someone who weighed 144lbs, was in his physical prime, and was as fast, as strong and as explosive as the Pacquiao of the second fight? The answer, of course, is never. So it doesn't matter a jot that Morales looked impregnable against ****in InJin Chi and Daniel Zaragoza and the rest, that he never showed an ounce of quit against these guys does not mean a far bigger and far more powerful opponent could not have got to him.
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Default Re: 5 favourite fights

Zale-Graziano III
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Default Re: 5 favourite fights

A good win...not a great one.
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Default Re: 5 favourite fights


nobody is saying that Morales had NOTHING left in the 2nd MP fight, he emptied himself IN THAT FIGHT but while he could maintain the pace for the entire 12 rds in march 05, that fight was just 1 more war he didnt need at that point & when it came to having to do it all over again in jan 06, he could only get to the halfway point... we all agree that MP was better than in fight 1 but what Im saying - my main point actually - is that it wasnt JUST MPs improvement, it was Morales decline, he was definitely not as good as he was in fight 1.

I think what Ive said here is reasonable.
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