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Default Pavlik Taylor Rematch

I want this rematch.

Pavlik has gotten respect by many people here and elsewhere for his win, but sadly there are still people in denial. And for that, I really want the rematch.

A couple things first: I watched the fight a few times and Pavlik to my surprise was winning the boxing contest. If you think Taylors flurries and eye catching moves were outscoring Pavlik then fair enough.

To me however, Pavlik was outscoring Taylor AND at the same time breaking Taylor down. Some of those body shots didn't look much, but were beautifully placed. And the jab! When he hit Taylor it snapped his head back. Pav haters and Taylor die hard fans, I must say, I am a big Pavlik fan but was amazed to see him out jabbing Taylor who I thought would have won that contest!

A rematch should shut the haters up. And here's why.

The extra weight will benefit Pavlik far more than Taylor, due to their frames. Pavlik can carry the extra muscle much easier as he is like a big skeleton in a way. In fact I belive this will SLOW Taylor down, and make his suspect stamina worse!

Also we know Taylor never takes advice from his corner, nor seems to know how to use his hands to cover up. Pavlik on the other hand will NOT be stupid and grin at Taylor while receiving a volley of power shots. Next time Pavlik will be smarter, and even more confident if that is possible. Also I feel Taylor will avoid trying to knock Pavlik out. Both Taylor and Manny knew full well that Pavlik has great stamina, so he went for the ko early like Manny predicted.

I also believe Pavlik would have ko'ed Taylor one or two rounds earlier if it wasn't for that horrible 2nd round.

I was confident in a Pavlik ko or UD in their first fight, but in a second fight I will be even more confident! I belive it will last a little longer if Taylor tries to Cory Spinks his way to a "Tailor-made Dubious Decision". IF Taylor tries to box with Pavlik or worse, trade with Pavlik, he will lose even quicker next time round. Hell, he might get really hurt too, as he was semi concious after that battering, and even asked the doctor if he had been ko'ed.

The ONLY way Taylor could have a chance at a win is doing a Cory Spinks and pot shotting and try and steal a victory that way.

And no matter how you try and spin the facts, here they are one more time:

Taylor was outboxed. Fact.
Taylor was out jabbed. Fact (and a shock to me!).
Taylor was weaker stamina wise. Fact.
Taylor was broken down from complete variety of punches. Fact.
Taylor was weaker power wise. Fact.
Taylor was a terrible finisher. Fact.
Taylor was never a trench fighter. Fact.
Taylor was dumb. Fact.

With the extra weight Taylor will be slower, and tire faster.
Withe the extra weight Pavlik will be more stronger. (Bad news for Bad Intentions!).

Don't worry most fighters lose eventually. But for now Pavlik is King. And you have to except that fact and show you have dignity and moral fiber, but by admitting you were wrong with 99% of your assumptions, and give the new Champ his dues!

P.S. And don't go and say I'm insane for thinking Pavlik was winning the fight. Watch it closely and you'll eventually agree when the emotions subside. Lewis quickly in the first round pointed out that Taylor needed to avoid the jab. Manny said he was behind. Lederman said Taylor was behind. TAYLOR said he felt he was behind in the fight. Merchant said Pavlik was outboxing Taylor. AND! punchstats reflect the reality. The only reason Taylor had a couple more punches more in total was based purely on that second round. If Pavlik wasn't pounded in that great round for Taylor he would have outlanded Taylor in EVERY department!

I gave probably round 5 to Taylor as a gift, aside from the obvious pounding he dished out to Pavlik in round 2. That's about it! I can't wait for the Rematch!
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Default Re: Pavlik Taylor Rematch

The scores going into Round Seven are basically irrelevant when you consider that it was clear by this point that Pavlik had control of the fight... and he knocked Taylor out. Taylor's rounds were the first and second, fifth if you wanted, but Pavlik had taken over.
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Default Re: Pavlik Taylor Rematch

who's hating on pavlik? there are far more taylor haters here, infact most of the pavlik fans are taylor haters.
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Default Re: Pavlik Taylor Rematch

I think that the fight was very close in the beginning of round 7. I had it 57-56 for Taylor or each fighter 3 rounds.

I think that Taylor made it clear before this fight. He said that this would be his last fight at 160. I see no reason for Pavlik to go up in weight in order to follow Taylor. Taylor should stick to his word and try his luck at 168.
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