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Default Re: Tyson on beating Marciano: "You have to press him."

Originally Posted by JohnThomas1 View Post
You're a hard hard man Bummy. Via your criteria i could take down 95% of ATG's including some of your own faves. We have to look at them at their best and even then they all had their off nights.

Gee, other than Duran, who I forgive surrounding the weird circumstances of the 2nd Leonard fight, I think I am pretty consistently hard on fighters for certain criteria. Overcoming adversity is a Big One for me. I have seen many front-runners and talented guys get in the ring and lose to supposedly lesser opposition with the Will to Win. If you follow my posts I am a big fan of Tyson and I think he could have been greater if not for a laps in judgment and the loss of a good chemistry in his corner and the Pimp Don King. I rate Tyson top 10 ATG or close, However he did not satisfy the overcoming adversary part of the ATG criteria. Liston is another I question.

Joe Louis, Marciano,Dempsey,Lamotta,Conn,Greb,SSR,Ketchel,Armstrong,SRL,Moore,Mathew Saad Muhamad, Foreman,Charles, Monzon, Hagler, Buchanan,Pep,Gatti,Benny Briscoe,Charley Burley,Mickey Walker,Chavez are some of my of the many of my own faves and I guess that shows how much the test of adversary means to me.

All fighter have there own weakness but betraying yourself is a hard one to overcome.

If you asked me about Tysons strengths I could write a paragraph, If you asked me his weakness I could write a sentence.

When he was in with a fighter with even less weapons or talent than himself and the other guy overcame his adversity,and showed no fear it troubled him. Prime or not he folded his tent.

I dont mean to be hard but I can not overlook certain things. You are a fine poster but a bit liberal at times when it comes to your Faves. I put the come from the brink of disaster part, right up there with a great left hook, right hand or a solid chin.

Which one of Tyson.s fights do you think he came back from the brink of disaster or did he ever get off the floor to win and do you think he could have continued vs Evander,or chose anothr way of copping out than biting him. What about Danny Williams and McBride could he have gotten up. Can we forget these things when trying to find an ATG placing or decide match-up chemistry????
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