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Default Re: Can you workout face muscles?? Control face weight!

Originally Posted by Little_Mac
Sure you can workout your face muscles! Try smiling ALOT... then once you get advanced, throw in some frowns to really add definition.
how many reps?
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Default Re: Can you workout face muscles?? Control face weight!

Originally Posted by elTerrible
well most processed food has lots of sodium. So things like TV dinners, canned stuff (especially soups, sardines), most sauces (ketchup, barbeque sauce ect.) has a lot. Mac N Cheese, potato chips, pretzels. Even the "diet" food will have a lot of salt because they know most people only look at calories and fat content. Cold cut deli meats are loaded with sodium as well. Even the reduced sodium probably has a lot in it since its just less sodium compared to an insane amount to begin with. Cooking your own lean beef, chicken, pork ect is better.

Fast food is obviously loaded with salt. Again even the "healthy" stuff like the grilled chicken sandwhiches will have a lot of salt.

Just look at the lables and see if its an excessive amount.

Try eating say fruits and vegetables (fresh or frozen), cereal (most cereal shouldnt have a lot of sodium), milk, eggs, oatmeal, chicken, beef, unsalted nuts, cheese has salt but if youre eating low sodium everythign else, some cheese wont hurt.

They also make low sodium versions of soups and even potato chips but those could be hard to find. You could always eat unsalted pretzels as a snack.

Also when you cook like chicken and beef dont use salt or seasonings that are mostly salt. You can use "Mrs Dash" if they sell it in the UK (its at every grocery store in the US so you shouldnt have to go to a special health store). All of their seasonings are made without salt but they still have a lot of flavor.
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There is also a potassium cloride salt that can be used for cooking or food, but it doesnt taste quite well so they usually will mix a combination of sodium and potassium for a mixed salt that isnt as bad as pure sodium.

Weve all seen your pics and know youre far far from being overweight. So fat and overeating probably arent your problem. I dont know if your skin is feeling puffy/bloated from water retention from too much sodium, but you can try reducing it for a week or so and see if it helps.

Some things like say ice cream might not be "good" for you but also isnt a problem if your only worried about reducing sodium.
cheers mate!!

Nah im not overweight, nor is my face, its just broader than it was.

It was half curiousity that got me asking this, but its useful to know..

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