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Default Japanese Star, TOMOKI KAMEDA is going to make his debut in the Mexican Golden Gloves!

Koki and Daiki Kameda are the most popular fighters in Japan and always beat K1 and MMA in ratings by a HUGE margin!!
They are like living anime characters, Koki is already a Champion of the world at 20 years old, Daiki is 18, and the younger brother Tomoki is 15 and he's already famous there, they are like 3 De La Hoya's for the Japanese.
Once they got "50 points" in rating, K1 got 9 and Pride (MMA) 9.5 in the "same night", when Koki and Daiki fought.

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Koki with his father Shiro
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Koki the X-Men

BORKED[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Daiki, The pop star

Koki, the Tough guy

Brother of Koki Kameda
comes to the “Golden Gloves”
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Koki, Tomoki and Daiki

Hisao Adachi

The three Kameda brothers are always news in Japanese boxing.

Tomoki Kameda, of hardly 15 years old and just having finish secondary school in Osaka in March, is going to travel to Mexico with the intention to participate in the prestigious tournament of amateur boxing, the “Golden Gloves” that will begin in July 21.

Tomoki, that only dedicates to hard training along with its two older brothers Koki and Daiki, does not have experience as an amateur and it sets out to make his debut in Mexico, home of great figures in the boxing universe.

When arriving at Mexico -28 of June- Tomoki is going to register in Bantamweight or Superflyweight in the tournament and also is going to be put under medical examination.

In spite of his desire, there is a possibility that Tomoki Kameda is not going to be authorized because of being a Japanese that does not have any experience fighting as an amateur.

Tomoki will go to Mexico with the hope to fight, but thinking about the worse case. Shiro Kameda, of 42 years of age and father-trainer of Tomoki in Kyoei Boxing Gym of Tokyo, has planned to travel to Mexico when Tomoki does his first fight in Mexico.

The original intention of Tomoki was to participate in the Olympic Games of Beijing in 2008, and to conquer the gold medal. But he choose to stop because of the required age and now he hopes to turn 17 years to be able to make his debut in the professional boxing in Japan.

Tomoki wants to participate in famous international tournaments of amateur boxing in all the countries of the world to obtain experiences until the age that he can get his license to be professional in Japan.

Tomoki, that characterizes by his loud mouth, says that “I have well understood that Golden Gloves is the most prestigious amateur tournament in Mexico. My heart is boiling in emotion thinking about my Mexican rivals of different types . I have faith in my boxing. And I have trust in beating all of my opponents. I will give it all to succeed in Mexico”.

Although he still does not fight like amateur, Tomoki already is famous in the Japanese archipelago thanks to the great popularity of its brother Koki Kameda, and Daiki.

In May 23 in Osaka, he made 3 rounds of boxing with his sparring the Philippine #13 CMB Jojo Bardon (17-10-1, 8KOs, of 28 years and champion of East and the Pacific) in the same evening where his brother Koki Kameda won by TKO to indonesian Irfan Ogah, in the stellar fight.

The boxing-sparring of Tomoki Kameda, also was televised partially before the stellar fight. He is an orthodox fighter, of 1,70 centimeters of stature (5’7) with a weight of 54 kilograms (Bantam) in the general days.

He began to practice Karate at the age of 7 years when it was the first year of primary school. He was champion junior of Karate of Japan in two occasions. He began to practice boxing with his father Shiro when he attended the fourth year of primary.

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Default Re: Japanese Star, TOMOKI KAMEDA is going to make his debut in the Mexican Golden Gloves!

Nice handspeed and combinations by Koki on that video.
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