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Default Re: An open letter to floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao

Best open letter yet
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Default Re: An open letter to floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao

So the best never fought the best so they would be recognized as such? Of course they were handsomely compensated for being punched in the face as a job but they had a sense of pride associated with their work. There aren't many fighters like that around anymore.
IT has ALLLLWWWWAAAAYYYYSSSSSS been about the money THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED PRIZE FIGHTING, its just recently more FIGHTERS have been able to control THEIR destines as compared to the past. this ISN'T the first time there has been drawn out negotiations, its just that this is the FIRST generation of people that is used to having information instantly and everything they want instantly. thats why it seems like it is taking forever for most of these people. this ISN'T even the second longest negotiation in the history of boxing this is just the FIRST one of the FULL-BLOWN internet age. some of us are old enough to remember how hard it was and how LOOOOONNNNGGG it took showtime and HBO to agree on the tyson v lewis fight some of us remember this ISN'T the FIRST time a fighter request another fighter to take steroid test that was tyson v holyfield some people actually remember how brutal Don King and Bob Arum was towards each other and the fights that WERE NOT made because they COULD NOT AGREE. I know this is a long post, but the same people who come on here saying the fight is taking to long to be made will not spend the 15-20 seconds to read it anyway but the people who has the attention span to read it through thank you you probably been watching boxing long enough to understand what this post was about.
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Default Re: An open letter to floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao

Originally Posted by NeckBreaknAiken View Post
I wouldn't be quite so harsh about it, but at times I have felt the same way. And I have said it for a while. Enough of the drama. Either fight each other, or fight someone else. Period.

I don't think this fight is some superfight that will save the sport. Infact, if they both keep fighting decent level competition, they will get a lot of other fighters exposure, which is really what the sport needs, as opposed to some superfight.
thats also a better olution than not fighting at all something these two heve been good at for months now
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Default Re: An open letter to floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao

Originally Posted by PH|LLA View Post
Dear Pac and Floyd,

Thank you for the work and dedication you've put in to the sport throughout your entire lives. Thank you also for the blood sweat and tears that you've spilled into the sport and the risks that you've taken along the way, putting it all on the line in an effort to be the best that you can be. Your unique and exceptional abilities are amazing to watch and have provided me with many hours of entertainment.

No matter what happens from now on, I will always respect both of you.



to be honest, this is how a real boxing fan should address and convey an open letter to the two greatest boxers of this current era..

and to casual fanboys who have grown impatient and tired of waiting for this great fight to ever happen, don't you think that the same "fcuk off" message can equally, if not, more appropriately be casted off you?
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Default Re: An open letter to floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao

I just want to see both fight while they are still prime (Nov 13) and not like Jones-Hopkins II.
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