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Default Classic personal boxing moments

Just thought i would start a thread on some classic personal experiences you may of had in the ring,training for a bout or just around the boxing scene.

I remember i was doing some pad work with my trainer when i slipped a wild left hook(my main weapon) ****ected right on my trainer at the time's chin,knocking him out cold..Im not bull****ting he went ass over tit.It was one of the scariest but looking back one of the funniest things i have ever scene or done in my life.I thought i killed the old *******.

I never did live it down and it took Bob 3weeks to do another pad session with me.

Bob was from the old school and had a typical hardnose way of explaining things..

When i had my first fight i didnt make weight by 500grams so had to fight at lightheavy.Bob was ****ed as i had trained hard to get from 87 at the time down to 74.5 ish..

It was the first round of my first ever amateur fight and even though i had sparred heaps i was still ****ting my self of the unknown.The bell rings and im gun-shy just too tight..I copped a ****load of massive shots that really to be honest didnt do **** to me but still led to a standing 8 count as i werent very active..

The 1st round ends and i go back to Bob in the corner..

Bob then says to me and i will never forget this:If only you hang a decent size **** you wouldnt be in fighting this bloke..

I later confirmed with him what he said as at the time i thought i heard right but the ******* was hard to understand so wasnt sure..

After his first piece of advice he then squirts water in my face and says
Do you want root this bloke or something.??
Because your letting him fist **** you all round.
If you dont get out there and do something,slap him for all i care you will be rooting your way home..

He then backhands me in the mouth..And i swear on my mothers life this is all the truth....

im not to spun out on what he just done because i know what a loony he is.He actually woke me up with his bull**** so i went out their and walked straight through 2 wild haymakers and lefthooked this **** on his ass.He got up quickly and charged towards me which i then met him with a pretty **** but wild right which got flush and he went down and his trainer called it..

I was pretty stoked as the feeling i got from winning was like nothing i have experienced before.

Bob didnt really say much after the bout or on the long ride home as compliments werent his strongpoint..Grumpy old ****

Dont get me wrong i did throw insignifficant jabs etc in the 1st round but mainly copped haymakers as i was tight as a nuns ****.But no bull**** about two punches in the 2nd won it for me..I aint trying to sound like a hard ass its just how it all unfolded..

Would love to hear some fellow posters classic moments in boxing..
who would think a sport where one gets whacked in the head would produce so many

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