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Default What is the requiem for a heavyweight?

Requiem for a heavyweight.

How about a thread that describes what you think is most important for a heavyweight.

I will list ten traits, than list the traits that you think are most important in descending order. Start from the most important, then list the 2nd most important listed 2nd, then list the third 3rd most important, and so on until spot #10, which though still important is the least necessary of the bunch needed to succeed. This will not be an easy thread.

The categories are:

Tale of the tape – Height, weight, and reach.

Power – Self explanatory

Durability – The ability to take punches to the head or body

Skills on defense – The ability to block, duck, slip, parry, or clinch

Skills on offense – In and out fighting, counter punching

Stamina – The ability to operate at a quicker than average pace over the distance.

Hand Speed – Self explanatory.

Foot speed – Self explanatory.

Heart – The ability to over come tough situations.

Ring Generalship – Smarts. Good strategy and using the right tactics to win. Ability to adapt in fights.

*- If any of the above traits are not above average, the fighter will have a weakness that can be exploited based on styles and what the other guy can do best.

**- Of coruse diffrent styles can change the needs a bit, so I'll list three classic forms.

For a Puncher I say its:

#1 Durability
#2 Power
#3 Skills on Offense
#4 Tale of the Tape
#5 Hand speed
#6 Stamina
#7 Heart
#8 Ring Generalship
#9 Skills on Defense
#10 Foot speed

For a swarmer I say its

#1 Durability
#2 Stamina
#3 Skills on Offense
#4 Hand Speed
#5 Heart
#6 Power
#7 Foot speed
#8 Skills on Defense
#9 Ring Generalship
#10 Tale of the Tape

For a Boxer I say its:

#1 Skills on offense
#2 Skills on defense
#3 Durability
#4 Hand speed
#5 Ring Generalship
#6 Tale of the tape
#7 Stamina
#8 Foot Speed
#9 Heart
#10 Power

I reserve the right to edit this post, as I plan on adjusting it a bit.
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Default Re: What is the requiem for a heavyweight?

If there great, there great. I mean sure we had body building type of heavyweight champs, than we had normal body build type of champs to odd ones like Fitz. I mean just because Burns had a longer reach than Marciano does not relly make Burns the better fighter.
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Default Re: What is the requiem for a heavyweight?

All the many and varied skills mentioned will not get you very far without being underpinned by core foundations like Dedication and Intelligence, the ability a assimilate and use information

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