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Default Conditioning Drills...Post em

this place has really gone to the dogs lately, from reading ****ty diet suggestions to advice based on increasing water intake and nothing else to lose weight

anyway this thread is for GOOD conditioning drills not bag work, padwork or sparring, drills that exercise the HEART AND LUNGS, that are specific to boxing and include recovery, hopefully we can learn from each other here and ill start things off (times and speeds are based on a relatively fit athlete, and can be altered)

-Threadmill Sprint ; 3 x 3 minute rounds constant on threadmill 14 to 16 kmp with 1 minute recovery

the same can be done with a cross trainer, ubl and rower

- UBL and bike drill (preferably both machines are beside each other); 30 secs on bike then 30 secs on ubl machine for 3 minutes and 1 min rest, both should be done to full capacity

this is good kind of like a peripheral heart flow exercise

-Hurricane drill ; Threadmill sprint for 30 secs up around maximum capacity all out sprint range, jump off threadmill where an exercise/ or 2 exercises are performed before getting back onto threadmill to sprint again, perform 4 to 6 sprints with 4 to 6 exercises and take a 1 minute recovery period

exercises can be any weight bearing or resistance exercise, can even be sparring if you have a threadmill in your club, here is an example one im doing later

30 secs sprint, jump off and perform 30 pike ups and 12 pull ups
(perform this 5 times take 1 minute rest)

30 secs sprint, jump off and do 30 press ups with 30 med ball twists
(perform 4 times take 1 minute rest)

30 secs sprint, jump off and shadow box for 30 secs aiming to throw 40 to 50 punches
(perform 4 times)

-Burpees and Body Sparring Drill ; two guys in the ring 30 seconds of tabata burpees followed by 30 secs of body sparring, sparring should consist of not much movement around the ring but more focus on throwing body shots, reason being is certain guys will use the sparring as a way of moving around the ring not engaging to recover from the burpees

3 minute rounds as usual
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