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Question Nutrition for Amateur boxer?

Hello i really have no idea what a amateur boxer should be eating? I know what i need to have for a healthy diet but it changes when your an athlete right?
I am 14 years old 101 pounds 5 foot 3 inches tall and i workout 6 times a week 3 days boxing 3 days conditioning and cardio. I workout after school for 2 hours.

so How many calories do i need to maintain?
What should i be having for breakfast,Lunch and dinner
Should i do this or not my mom makes me eat like way more calories than usual on sundays cause she says it will boost my metabolism?

Thank you.
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Default Re: Nutrition for Amateur boxer?

Wow. Your mom is right. I've never heard of a mother doing that, you need to give her a raise.

If you eat a low calorie diet, your body will eventually adapt, meaning you have to eat even fewer calories. It becomes hard to get all the nutrients you need without getting fat.

Taking a day or two out of the week and eating like a normal human will keep your body from adapting. Smart woman.

Other than that just eat healthy and eat a lot. You don't have to worry about weight classes right now since you're growing. The primary thing is just getting your body everything it needs to grow. If you start gaining a little fat, just cut back some. But for now, I'd err on the side of eating more than you need, not less.
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Default Re: Nutrition for Amateur boxer?

I'd say that at age 14 you don't really need to be worrying too much about what you eat, obviously to an extent anyways.

You seem pretty light for your height so eating a few extra calories won't hurt.

Just try to cut out most sugary foods like fizzy drinks and most sweets..

Also try and eat plenty of carbs and protein, brown carbs are better but I wouldn't be worrying about that at your age, and get protein from chicken, beef and fish.

Don't look into it too much pal
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Default Re: Nutrition for Amateur boxer?

Well I'm 15 and I generally eat 3000-4000 calories per day and I'm strong and ripped, I sometimes do a leaning phase where I'll only eat 2500 per day for a couple of weeks.
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