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Default Re: Next If Pavlik Wins...

This Fight Should Be Promoted Like The Oscar Mayweather Fight.
It Will Be A Fight!
((((((((((((Go Pavlik!)))))))))))
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Default Re: Next If Pavlik Wins...

Originally Posted by Club Fighter
So, if I gather correctly, what you're saying is your impressed by a young gunner Olympic-Bronze Medalist who eeked out a coupla decisions (which many say he lost) against a 40 year-old fighter whose best days are behind him. I suppose you're also impressed by his ability to absorb leather from a smaller defensive minded fighter whom he should have beaten had he listened to his corner but instead earned a draw that he himself sounded as if he didn't think he deserved. You must also be impressed by the way he was able to carry Cory (yawn!) Spinks twelve rounds while 147 lber Zab Judah KO'd him. What impressed you the most, though, was probably his thrilling victory over the smaller Kassim Ouma whom Jermain Taylor had every statistical advantage over yet was not able to dispose of.

You know what impresses me most about him is how he runs his mouth in press conferences about how animalistic he is and then turns into a *****cat as soon as he enters the ring. Taylor is incorrigible. Every time I see him I'm thinking "Jermain, work off the jab, stop throwing nothing but haymakers," "Jermain, you keep throwing those wild punches and you're gonna get KO'd" "Jermain, you're an Olympic-medalist, show some pedigree, quit lookin' like an amateur in there," "Jermain, you're one helluva lucky fighter cuz if you came in Welter your "0" woulda gone a loooong time ago." Jermain is nothing more than a slightly taller Miranda with a little less power.

Like I said, he's undefeated (which means no-one has ever dominated him)
and he has had decent opposition.

Re Bernard: His best days were still ahead of him when he fought both Taylor fights. BHops best night was his domination of RJJ's conqueror, Antonio Tarver. BHop was a late bloomer and a p4p top 10 (Still is, BTW)

So you just sit back and come up with excuses, explanations, scapegoats etc, for each of his victims. Until I see him dominated by another 160 lb boxer (none have managed it so far, and I don't see any on the horizon), I'll stay impressed.
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Default Re: Next If Pavlik Wins...

Did someone say Pavlik has a whole bunch of flaws? I sure didn't see 'em in the Miranda fight.

Pavlik used a full ****nal of punches, showed a good chin and he finished the fight pretty emphatically; so yeah, he looks like the real deal, and at this point, more than a match for Taylor (who was once renowned for his jab. Does Taylor even have a jab anymore?)

Once he puts the dog (Taylor) out, Pavlik should stay at middleweight and unify (no threats on the horizon, other than Abraham), as long as the strain of making weight isn't too much for his wiry frame.

Ultimately, a showdown with (big!) Bad Chad at light heavyweight would be a barn-burner.
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Default Re: Next If Pavlik Wins...

Not sure why this fight is not signed yet. Taylor's web site say's it should be soon? Anyhow, I will be the first to tell you all now
( all respect to jermain) but, he is going down in the 8th if and
when he signs.
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