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Beeston Brawler
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Default Re: West Yorkshiremen: Degale/Groves

Originally Posted by Matt Ldn View Post
there just no point it just ends the night

Mission is good on a thursday but ****ing packed. Space is good i went there yesterday and surprise surprise a few fights, two girls started swinging over nothing next to me and i managed to get their drinks and mine all over me. one of my mates was a doorman there so if we go with him we get good treatment.

The hedly verity i think its called (the 'spoons next to yates) is nice all the ****s get drawn into Yates. I ****ing hate that yates there are so many fights there one time this **** sparked some bird this other girl shouted at him so he sparked her, then the first girls boyfriend ran at him and they started fighting on the dancefloor, however you cant go wrong with 1 pints.
****ing hell

Stupid **** has to hit birds to get his kicks. One of my mates really hates that (more than the average person would) and would have laid the lad out.

Originally Posted by daveyboy1609 View Post

Usually a Friday or Thursday to mission, both decent nights. Mez is **** on a Saturday- some guy tried to start something the other week by waving a lighter in my face and then booting me as I walked away.

Most places in leeds are decent though.
Is the Friday night called ''Freak''

I've never been to Mez on a Saturday, won't bother mentioning it to anyone now either
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Old 05-21-2011, 11:27 AM   #62
keith uk
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Default Re: West Yorkshiremen: Degale/Groves

is mint still going? i used to be a regular there when back 2 basics had its residency there but then when b2b moved to rehab i stopped going. always liked it in there.
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Default Re: West Yorkshiremen: Degale/Groves

Yeah mint is still there and is decent.

Yeah think friday at mission is called freak- gay name but decent enough and cheap.
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The Blackout
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Default Re: West Yorkshiremen: Degale/Groves

Originally Posted by Beeston Brawler View Post
It's usually alright apart from Saturdays, because it doesn't get rammed. There's still enough people in there though.

Some Saturdays are alright too, if half of Beeston and Morley are in there, because I know pretty much everyone and if it does go off you've got safety in numbers

The bouncers are ****ing useless, we got turned away once for wearing trainers, but they let a group of lads in who were mouthing off in the Q and were obviously after a tear up.

I think the best bouncers are those at the Witherspoons next door, especially the Indian fella with one eye. They're more bothered about what state you're in rather than your footwear.

I agree with you about Sports Bar, we used to go in regularly on Saturday afternoons.... I'd have thought they'd been making megamoney.
Yeah strange it all shut down. Was always busy, especially on a weekend. Might pop into that new wetherspoons later on. We'll be straight on to somewhere else after the boxing anyway.
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