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Default Knees Bent

How important is it that you keep your knees bent? Critical or depends? I used to keep my knees 'slighly' bent, or flexed.... but my coach now has me keep my knees much more bent. Almost a head below with my posture. Its going to takes months of shadowboxing, bagwork and sparring for it to become natural. And it really works your quads.

But I have found out this: If you are advancing, you can cover more ground quicker. And for headmovement, it MUCH easier, since you move the head with the feet and your knees are already primed to move. AND many times you are already 'sitting down' on your punches and they may be more powerful. AND it makes it easier not to bend at the waist, since again your legs are already primed?

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Default Re: Knees Bent

knees bent - i call it "sitting down on an invisible bar stool."

it is very important. If you are sitting down, you punch with much more power, your feet are dug in, and your base is stronger. Also, you are lowering your center of mass, making you able to move around faster.

Conversely, straightened legs raises your center of mass, lessens your power, and makes you more easily knocked off balance.

It takes time to get used to it. After years of boxing, I had a new coach who taught me to sit down (bend me knees more). For a few months it was very exhausting to my legs. It's like doing isometric wall-sits for hours on end. Well worth the struggle, however. I hit much hard now, I move my head faster, and I can move around faster.
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Default Re: Knees Bent

My trainer has started training me with my knees more bent than they used to be, I think most the advantages have been mentioned, however at the minute I find it very hard and it aches my legs a hell of an amount
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Default Re: Knees Bent

You will not advance in boxing unless your legs are strong enough to enable you to bend your knees at ALL times. Having your knees bent improves every part of your game - footwork, head movement, punching power, center of gravity, and balance.
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Default Re: Knees Bent

You definitly have to condition your legs. That is something you can IMMEDIATELY tell between a self-taught boxer and one with a coach. Their stance/posture. The reason is knees bent, and the proper posture is UNCONFORTABLE. And it does take awhile to feel somewhat natural. The self-taught guys will start with what is comfortable.

And with knees bent, think if it as being 'coiled' ready to spring. Thats why movement and punching power is so much more effective.
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