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Default The Hawk

Aaron Pryor was an aovided fighter. He tried to get fights with Leonard and Duran but Duran skipped 140 to go straight to Leonard and Leonard turned Pryor down even after Pryor offered to fight him at 147, Leonards weight. What im wondering is would Pryor have won either of those fights? I think he could have given them both a hell of a fight.
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Default Re: The Hawk

Leonard avoiding Pryor is a myth.

Its been revealed already that Pryor was offered a career high payday to fight Leonard but turned it down.

As for Duran, yeah Im sure he saw Pryor as a much harder fight than Leonard.
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Default Re: The Hawk

Pryor hadn't even won a world title by the time Duran jumped up to beat Leonard. Pryor was an amazing fighter who didn't get a lot of big breaks, but if he really wanted the big payday against Leonard he should have stepped up to Welterweight and tried to make waves there. As for how he fares against the two, Pryor doesn't lose to many guys his own size, but both Duran and Leonard were just a class above. He puts up a good fight against both but falls short.
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Default Re: The Hawk

He also turned down good money to fight Duran.

He was poorly managed and poorly advised but mostly his misguided sense of entitlement is what killed his chances at these big fights.
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Default Re: The Hawk

I think he would have beaten Duran but would have lost to Sugar Ray,

Duran i dont think would have been able to deal with Pryor power and

the hawk would have struggle with Leonard speed and movement
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