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Default Re: Discuss the weaknesses of the following fighters

Good post El B. It think Louis would flatten the super-heavies, but good post.

I think Arguello just didn't riff, at all, he was like a robotic chess player, if you're of a certain strength you become literally unbeatable, but if you're even .1% short of that your inability ti improvise will almost always cost you versus the very best.
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Default Re: Discuss the weaknesses of the following fighters

Originally Posted by The Wanderer View Post
Roberto Duran: Like many pressure fighters, movers and defensive wizards can be a difficult style for him. Training and focus was inconsistent, but even assuming that he trained vigorously, his body still dealt with the cumulative effects of his lifestyle. Combination of macho attitude and arrogance was sometimes his undoing.
After lifting the LW Title from Buchanan in June 1972, maintained a high level of competitive activity so his lifestyle couldn't catch up with him. Eight total bouts in 1973 and 1974 each, seven in 1975, four in '76, '77 and '78, and Palomino in June 1979 was his second match that year. Then, goofed off for over three months before humiliatingly having to settle for a decision over Zeferino Gonzalez after SRL blew out Price.

Rarely competed in back to back months after turning 30, but when he did, he looked good. Shut out the tough Minchillo (at least on my card) a month after decisioning Nino Gonzalez, and had a layoff of barely two months before dispatching Cuevas. In March 1994, he pushed the nose of Terry Thomas halfway across his face with one of the greatest examples of deflection marksmanship I've ever seen, after having competed the month before. Less than three months later, he deposited Paz on the deck.

Check his record. Throughout his career, even into his 30s and 40s, he typically performed most effectively in situations where he had recently been sharpened through competition, rather than a protracted training camp.

With respect to his supposed susceptibility to movers, SRL in New Orleans still did not exhibit the kind of water bug foot speed the iron chinned Vilomar Fernandez did in 1977, and Vilomar was still flying around the ring, not noticeably slowing down, when a couple body shots from Duran got him counted out as a self contained event rather than a process of attrition.

I can't forget that Barney Ross had been retired for over a year and a half by the time he was the same age Duran was at in Montreal.
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Default Re: Discuss the weaknesses of the following fighters

Originally Posted by Pedderrs View Post
Alexis Arguello
Julio Cesar Chavez
Joe Louis
Pernell Whitaker
Roberto Duran

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Just to clarify, I would like weaknesses directly related to how each fighter performs inside the ring. Assuming each of them are in their prime and have prepared the best way imaginable, what are they still not excelling at on fight night? If you only want to address one of the fighters, that's not a problem.
Arguello had a tendency 2 go down and sometimes even out .
It's obvious that except from size he was nothing special .
P4P better than Wladimir 4 sure . Compared 2 Vitali ? hard 2 decide .
Louis - seemingly better than Arguello but then he had more of that size advantage (avergae case) and had a much lower level of opposition , again , meant in d average case , so it remains seemingly 2 those who ignore these facts .
Whitaker - could only very rarely hurt his opponents , 4 reasons known only 2 a selected few .
Mayweather - IDK , but what strengths does/did he have ? a clearer fraud than RJJ , even if not by much .
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Default Re: Discuss the weaknesses of the following fighters

Sweet Pea was a savage despite his lack of humongous power. Watch how he starched the tough Naziro.
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Default Re: Discuss the weaknesses of the following fighters

Alexis Arguello- not the most dynamic, I believe good lateral movement could offset him potentially

Julio Cesar Chavez- seriously, not too many weaknesses from a technical perspective. I'm struggling here.

Joe Louis- not that it was a major issue but if anything it's his defence. His footwork wasn't a major weakness at all imo, his footwork was brilliant.

Pernell Whitaker- well I'm going to have to get technical because in terms of effectiveness we don't have much weaknesses here. So let me say that technically speaking it would be his footwork, there were 'mistakes' there, but let's have it right, his footwork was not a problem in terms of how effective it was. I don't rate his power as a weakness so to speak, it wasn't something that was great on his part, but a weakness to me is something you can exploit, Whitakers power was just a deficiency, not a weakness, because the only way to exploit someones power is to take punches from him and stay standing, which is a stupid plan.

Roberto Duran- It has been mentioned many times that he had problems with excessive lateral movement. I've always said that I believe that's overstated, far more so than someone actually just boxing well against him, which is what Dejesus did in their first fight, he made room for combinations and placed them perfectly, he didn't do it by running round the ring like a headless chicken. That said, I'm going to somewhat contradict myself now and say that his weakness was the lack of cutting off the ring on his part. It was usually nullified because of how amazing he was at employing his own methods, which was usually to fire an accurate right hand from distance after some feinting and then cut off the escape route of the opponent with body shots and hooks upstairs. So yes, the answer would be footwork, not in the sense of closing the distance, but in the sense of cutting off the ring.

Floyd Mayweather Jr- The only weakness is combination punching. He has let the leather fly at times but it seems more of a rapid burst of random punches as opposed to great combinations a la Jose Napoles.
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