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Default How Marquez nullified pac's power right lead (semi-hook, semi-straight to the face) !

i always say, when pac land one of those power right lead to jmms face, he would stun/hurt jmm where jmm would lose track of pac's left. this would eventually lead to his downfall as he wont be able to know which punch to track.

here's how he has done it.

a little background.
previous 23rounds: jmm, after first round of first fight, had adjusted by stepping back everytime pac threw a lead right followed by a straight left. this has greatly reduced the damage of pac's straight left.

also, it marked as his take off point to launch his own counter attack.

pac-marquez 3. he circled to his left, constantly. this nullified pac's left or at least reduced its power.


he actually geared his defense around tracking pac's power lead right (pac's right becomes the old left) by staying at a safer distance, constantly circling to the left (at least thats the intention).

when pac stepped in to throw his power lead right, he also stepped in , in the same direction, and almost simultaneous with pac's motion (i would say this is intentional, as his foot would always end up on top of pac's foot, with him getting the advantage), he launched a counter left jab and right straight.

pretty neat move. (minus the foot stepping -good job by nacho).

then he followed up with more combos when pac is on the defensive. unfortunately, instead to turning the tide on pac by pressing more, he let up, and disengaged prematurely (this cost him the fight , imo !)

pac sometimes varied his attack by launching a straight left instead, where marquez more often, just step back but launch his counters, at least not most of the time.

or he feinted and land his right hook (where marquez easily shrugged off, surprise). pac did the same when on rare instances, marquez gets offensive.

also, constant circling to his left by marquez, also nullified some of his own offense most notably the sting on his right hand. his right straights werent as powerful as compared to his previous fight.

overall, it was a well researched strategy (minus the stepping of foot) by team marquez which was brilliantly executed by marqeuz but not enough to get the win.

note: marquez chin allowed to make up for the few mistakes he made in the fight. well, his chin allowed him to stay, in the fight.
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Default Re: How Marquez nullified pac's power right lead (semi-hook, semi-straight to the fac

Marquez applied a good strategy to which Pac should have adjusted. He kept on doing the same thing. In exchanges Pac came off better as he does. But needed to get Marquez to fight his fight at times to be more convincing even in rounds he won
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