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JMM beat Pac-Man 3 Times
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Default Re: 3 predictions for 2012

1) By the end of the year Hugo Ruiz will be a belt holder at Bantam

2) Khan will fail in any attempt to win a title at 147

3) It will be the final year of fighting for Barrera, Morales, Pacquiao and Marquez
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Default Re: 3 predictions for 2012

Originally Posted by jpab19 View Post
Not surprised they'd think that, nor am I surprised that there's probably people calling for a P4P placing.

I think you know my feelings on both, the Segura ones are more documented than the Miranda ones I would guess. I've never rated Segura as a top class fighter, ever. You're a should be fly/super fly who's able to grind down a midget who is even small at straw, good for you. The Canchilla win isn't that special either, my dogs could knock out that guy if they landed accurately enough. An extraordinarily limited fighter with absolutely zero offensive nous who relied on his often massive physical advantages to beat his opponents. Hailed as a ''BEAST'' because of it, nobody happier than me when he lost, I never stopped to think that whoever beat him would take on the acclaim though(reminiscent of Hasegawa-Gonzalez).

Miranda's just average at world level. In and around the top ten. I believe I may have said that in one of your threads actually(though I did say Gio would beat Viloria into a ''pink mist'' too, so don't look it up!). He was ranked near the top but was never really at that level, as has been shown as other talents proved themselves. Sort of good at closing down space and pretty durable, but that aside he's rather limited - and only has like one somewhat decent win, against Mepranum. Viloria didn't really come close to beating him as convincingly as Mthalane and Pong did either, I wasn't particularly impressed by his performance overall.
It was perfectly reasonable to think Segura would beat Viloria, IMO. Gio did stop Tamara, who stopped Viloria, and I know boxing doesn't work that way (A beats B who beat C, so A should beat C etc...) but Tamara and Segura had a bit in common. Both just wing in punches without much defense, well....that's what Tamara did against Vilora, and it worked. The Tamara fight didn't do much credence for Viloria's durability either, which looked awful as he fell over without being hit. It was feasible to think that Segura, a more powerful and larger opponent that Tamara, could to the same to Viloria. We weren't to know that Viloria probably didn't put 100% into the Tamara fight. I don't think Segura's skill came in to consideration when picking this one.

Anyway, anyone shouting out Viloria for fighter of the year is just wrong.
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Default Re: 3 predictions for 2012

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
With no basis other than being a fan
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Default Re: 3 predictions for 2012

1) Colin Lynes to fight for World Title
2) Mitchell beats Burns
3) Tibbs camp to have 3 world champs
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