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Default Re: No More 'Fake' Tony Ayala Jr. Gym Stories

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
i don't think we can conclude something is true simply because someone hasn't told you it's a lie yet. otherwise i have the world's biggest dick (that is...until my ex-wife sends you pictures proving that it's not)
I agree with you. Ayala probably didn't spar Cueves and your wife thinks you have a small weiner.
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Default Re: No More 'Fake' Tony Ayala Jr. Gym Stories

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post

Little Pudgy Tony Jr. was in Lincoln, Nebraska in late-June 1977 (June 19 thru June 22).

Maybe Pipino Cuevas went to the San Fernando Gym, and set up a 'pup tent' while he
waited for Lil' Tony and Senior to return from the National Junior Olympics.

Masashi Kudo, did not have the talent of Tony Ayala Jr.,,,,

but he had one thing that Tony Ayala Jr.,,,,, never had.....and never will.

And if you look at Tony Ayala Jr. 'professional ring accomplishments' before his personal issues in 1983,,
just what great fighter did he defeat, or better yet, what very good fighter.

Nada, No One, Nobody..............
c'mon Tony's story wouldve been exposed as a fake before he went to prison

you plant some kind of tracking device on him?
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Default Re: No More 'Fake' Tony Ayala Jr. Gym Stories

How the hell could Tony Ayala Jr. win the 1977 National Junior Olympics 156 lb. Light-Middleweight
Division in Lincoln, Nebraska (June 19, 1977 thru June 25, 1977) if he wasn't there.

And Pipino was in Los Angeles, California,,, prepping for his August 6th 1977 bout with Clyde Gray,
through all of July 1977.


The time period for Pipino and Tony Ayala Jr. to cross-paths in San Antonio in August 1977 do not line up.

Some make it sound,,,,,,, as though right after Pipino Cuevas knocked-out Clyde Gray in Los Angeles,
he and his Manager Lupe Sanchez, made a Bee-Line straight to San Antonio,,,,,,,,,,,to spar and work-out.....

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Default Re: No More 'Fake' Tony Ayala Jr. Gym Stories

Just another story to build up a fighter and part of hyperbole for a fighter. Happens a lot and is seldom questioned, especially once a guy gets popular.

Not to take away from this thread, but here's another hyperbole job; the so-called amateur record of heavyweight Johnny DuPlooy. 225-3. He must have fought the same guy 228 times. Anyone that ever saw his fights saw a guy as unpolished and raw as they come. Crude and he needed years of work. No 228 fight experience showed at any time did it? But an interesting story for awhile.
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