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Default World Series Boxing- I gotta say on paper this looks even more legit than PRO boxing!

If only there was live TV coverage and good consistency, this would be great.

Apparently it's sanctioned by the AIBA who sanctions everything amateur and the Olympics, participants remain as Amateurs and are able to participate in the Olympics, but records are not added to their amateur records so it's like a sector different from amateur/pro, and the fighters are paid so there's an incentive for those fighters who are in it to make dat paper or fight to put food on the table.

Anyways, it has a totally different setup in which boxing tournaments are held yearly with 2 sections: a regular season (semi-round robin style tournament), and a playoff (elimination style tourney). The divisions are decreased to 5- Bantam, Light, Middle, LHW, Heavy, and competitions are done in teams. I guess in that way it's almost like basketball.

The teams per "match day" are 1 fighter from each weight out of a franchises' roster. Fighters are eligible if they have participated in amateur international-level tournaments/events. Not only does it prevent cherrypicking, this introduces an interesting dynamic in which prior to the match day, teams can evaluate the other team and select the appropriate fighter to match the opposing team's fighter per division (i.e. COUNTERPICKING). There are also individual championships that occur after the team championships that determine who is the best individually. ****ing legit.

There are some different rules than with pro boxing-there is a 3 KD rule in effect, and some other varying cases from pro boxing ie. 30s unassisted instead of 20 to re-enter if knocked outside the ring. Scoring is done with the judging system but inputted electronically within an interval after every round and cannot be changed. They didn't specify concretely but apparently each round can be scored 10-9 to 10-7 depending how far the judge sees one guy get his azz whooped. I think the mandatory point deduction for KDs might have been removed but I'm unsure of that.

There's a few other deviations that I didn't get into but I think this is a really consistent format. Thoughts?
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Default Re: World Series Boxing- I gotta say on paper this looks even more legit than PRO box

not really.
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