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Default Re: One-dimensional fighters that had good boxing skills?

Originally Posted by Bowling Pin View Post
Canto/Takada used to be on Youtube. I'd agree it's his best performance, especially offensively. I do think he fits the bill perfectly here, though.
Damn, sorry I missed reviewing it there, but thanks for that input of independent evaluation. If it's indeed been on youtube, then it should return presently. If there was just a single performance of El Maestro's everybody should see, it's this clinic. (Preferably with the Bass/Lederman English language voice-over for easier following, since that's the language we're mostly communicating with here. Bass could be over-exuberant at times, but Lederman, being an experienced judging official, knew what to look for and point out, and they had the advantage of being able to preview tape before recording voice-overs for the American audience, rather than calling it live without knowing what to expect.)
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Default Re: One-dimensional fighters that had good boxing skills?

Lorenzo Zannon was out boxing Larry Holmes beautifully in moments.
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Default Re: One-dimensional fighters that had good boxing skills?

Originally Posted by lora View Post
being one-dimensional is more about how a fighter uses the tools they have and the rhythmic variances in them than a particular style per se.

It's all about degrees in the end and talent plays a lot into it as well

Felix Trinidad is more multifaceted than Yory Boy Campas, Mamadou Thiam or someone like Colin Jones for example of a fighter with the same approach but less overall talent and thus less options even though he can probably matador a lesser opponent -relative to him with similar footwork- as Tito would use to handle him.He's still more one dimensional at world level.

Felix about on par with Zarate with and Louis for versatility, but imo is less skilled than either of them, not as smart a punchpicker etc but as far as being able\willing to fight certain ways against the world class field they're all comparable.

Azumah nelson much more versatile than Juan MAnuel Marquez, but not as skilled in a fair few technical areas.Canto not nearly as versatile as Harada or Chang, but more skilled and better boxing skills in the traditional sense.

Arguello not very versatile at all, but certainly has good skills.Pryor was more versatile than him, but had a lot more slop and "doing things wrong" about his style.

Lots of examples to fool around with.
I agree with all this.

''One-dimensional'' is a pretty broad term - it can mean multiple things. It can mean limited, in a caveman type way, or it can mean simply fighting the same way every time, or only being good at one particular aspect - taking Amir Khan as an example.

The Nelson-Marquez parallel is an interesting one, that I agree with. As technically sound and intelligent as Marquez is, he does often look lost when he's the one having to press the action, for instance against Chris John and also Floyd too..... whilst against opponents like Katsidis or Diaz he can start in a countering mode early whilst he's able to figure out the best method of attack - against Diaz it was lead uppercuts and body shots.... Katsidis was uppercuts all night.

Hatton is an interesting case, people often say ''one-dimensional'' or ''limited'', when by British standards he was about as varied as you'll find. His footwork was superb and he could both box and fight - he just found it easier as a naturally strong man to be the bully, but in his earlier days he was very adept at drawing leads and countering with allsorts.

When people say that Khan is more skilled it makes me
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Default Re: One-dimensional fighters that had good boxing skills?

Would Nicolino Locche count as one dimensional despite a good defensive boxing skills? He seemed to rely exclusively on his defensive savvy but I don't think I've seen him switching gears. Especially when it comes to mixing it up offensively. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
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Default Re: One-dimensional fighters that had good boxing skills?

Completely and pretty limited offensively as well.
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