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Default Re: Current David Haye vs Ali at the rumble in the jungle instead of Foreman

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
David Haye abused John Ruiz, what point are you trying to make..? John Ruiz was technically more sound than George Foreman, your trying to be smart. George Foreman, idea of defence was at times, stick his arms out infront of him, or crossing his arms..? like a complete and utter re****. He was a freak of nature physically, the strongest heavyweight of all time, who had a grasp of the basic's enough to do damage. But stylistically, like i stated before..........David Haye could easily beat George Foreman.

Who only ever looked devastating against fellow re****s who came forward, who had no reverse gear, or steering wheels to move left or right. The fact of the matter is, Muhammad Ali beat him easy, and won 4 of the first 5 rounds, it was a complete myth that Muhammad Ali was taking a beating, Joe Frazier stated live on air, by the mid rounds that Ali was going to stop George Foreman.

George Foreman only has a punchers chance in this fight, i don't think he is good enough to actually win rounds on his skills alone. He have to some how trap David Haye, a 6"6 245 Wladimir Kiltschko who is a immense athletic speed/wise and agility wise, could not even consistently land on David Haye.

David Haye wins via UD

The point i'm making is a simple one really. All the advantages that Foreman had like size, "re****ed Hulk stregth", power etc Haye also has too. But on top of that he also has agility, phenomenal defensive ability, world class head movement and elite level foot work. Which the clip below beautifully captures and which then sees Haye finish Ruiz with his "re****ed like Hulk strength stopping power"

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