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Default Drills To Chain Combos together from Counter Punches

I've done some sparring today and was almost landing a left hook at will but thinking about it afterwords my coach was telling me to link more combos together. I realized all i did was pot shot him and ended up giving up too much ground even when countering. i've always been the type of guy to link one -two -threes together when being offensive but i land majority of my punches as the counter puncher yet it's one by one by one so i made it a huge habit. Is there any drills to stray me away from just doing those one by one counter shots on the heavy bag or double end?
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Default Re: Drills To Chain Combos together from Counter Punches

Get some one to hold pads for you, and he should -on random- throw back at you. But the pads person MUST allow you to return fire on multiple targets instantly.

throw once, defense once, throw back multiple

In proper fluid mechanics of fighting, there is no such thing as a *last* punch. Even on a clean counter, because you already know that landing one paves the way to a second one. You should be able to continue as long as there is room, opportunity and safety to keep punching. This is a psychological transformation in your offense, so that your mind doesnt shut off in between defense and offense transition.

It's a tough question I have to admit
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Default Re: Drills To Chain Combos together from Counter Punches

you can use pretty well anything to train this. pads are great to practice this on obviously, but i also use a slip bag and practice all different types of combos off of counters, it also gets you to keep moving your head and be aware of where the bag is as youre throwing your punches. do it so much that it becomes like second nature. as well as with the double end, blocking slipping catching etc and coming back with combos. you can do that with shadowboxing as well, visualizing the punches coming at you and practicing all different types of defence and coming back with combinations
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