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Default Boxing "loose"

I'm trying to become more loose in the ring. It's shows up from time to time while sparring, and more so in matches. I know relaxing and controlling anxiety is a part, but that's not the question here.

To become more loose- or less stiff- what do you recommend? Do you think flexibility is the key? I'll be honest, I do little mobility drills and my warm up are more like skipping instead of stretching. I know I will never look like Sweet Pea, but the way some guys move- especially with their waist, hips etc is smooth and effortless. Like water as they say.

Or is it more of a style thing? Hard to box real loose if you are upright with your hands glued to your head. Is it technique? Having balance and posture properly in sync.

I know the loosest I feel is usually when I stand more slanted and have my lead arm lowered to shoulder level.

Any advice? Coach didn't really answer my question directly. He said " more sparring" which is the standard response the novices get...

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Default Re: Boxing "loose"

How long have you been training? I find the majority of novices (like 95%) struggle with being tense and simply need time to loosen up. I agree with your coach to some degree. It's not so much the practice you get from sparring, but the confidence you get from it that allows you relax and loosen up. I wouldn't try to ****yze it too much from the perspective of stance or posture, but focus on frame of mind. Novices tend to fight very anxiously, and therefore tense up way too much when blocking/defending, and load up too much on punches. Seasoned amateurs and pros put a lot less effort in defense and punches - because their technique is better. Observe how pros effortlessly duck and roll with punches with minimal movement and facial expression (e.g. James Toney). I wouldn't suggest you copy their technique to a tee, but observe how little they jump & shuffle around, how their movements are fluid and try to copy that aspect of how pros fight.
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Default Re: Boxing "loose"

A quick relaxation technique in the ring is to step back, take a breath and exhale quickly, then let your shoulders drop.

A lot of tension is carried in the shoulders, which then tightens up other muscles. You can practice it while shadow boxing or hitting the bag. Vitali K is a master at this.
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