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Default Re: wlad klitschko vs roy jones and rid**** bowe

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
I can see a good chance of Wlad dominating the early rounds

not getting rid of Bowe's pressure and then Bowe coming from behind to land something big.
Wouldn't Wlad be too tentative against such a dangerous pressuring opponent to truly dominate him?

I agree with the second part though.
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Default Re: wlad klitschko vs roy jones and rid**** bowe

Originally Posted by TheSouthpaw View Post

Dude! You and that Russian joke of a champion..(I am Russian Champion, I throw 1-2)..You put stock iin him like I do Manny..The HW division is a joke,and so is our HW Champion...Watching a Wlad fight is like watchin 2 old people screw!!..Sorry
Lol! Keep hating there homeboy. Golota was able to scramble Bowes brains in two fights. Knocked him down and hurt him how many times?? You really dont think Wladimir Klitschko would be able to do the same?? He hits harder than Golota and is technically better. Bowe v.s Wladimir would be a VERY competitive fight. Wladimir's power, strength, and speed would eventually stop Bowe in the later rounds imo. How many times did Bowe fight someone as tall, or taller than him with equal skill and better power?? And what happened when he did??
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Default Re: wlad klitschko vs roy jones and rid**** bowe

Bowe didnt train for ****, and didnt take Golota
Seriously for the first fight, and was a shot
fighter for Bowe Golota 2, surviving brutal
shots being out on his feet for several rounds.
Look what Corrie Sanders did to Wlad
and Brewster 1. The prime Manny version
couldnt even stop a blown up Cruiser
joke in Haye. Prime Bowe has too
much heart, and determination.
Competitive fight?, absolutely.
Im a Wlad fan as well, Manny turned
him into a complete fighter and Wlad
Could and would beat a lot of greats.
Bowe's formidable jab, chin, and
inside game too much for Wlad.
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Default Re: wlad klitschko vs roy jones and rid**** bowe

If Bowe chooses not to train properly for his fights, then you use that as an assessment in proposed bouts. Not issue a get out of jail free card instead. It becomes a weakness for 1 side and an advantage for the other side. No different than comparing hand speed.

Underpreparing because Golata looked sloppy and beatable against Pouha doesn't mean a guy is forced to not train and it's a part of the fight contract or something. It's a choice and not a very smart one. What you get a lot of times is a change in advantages---at 1 time they held the conditioning edge in their fights. If they give up that conditioning advantage, can they make it up somewhere else? What you usually find is no they cannot. It seems to be an advantage they have to have for success and it tends to make guys look average in there without that single adva
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