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Default Re: Tony Alongi 'Florida Superstar'

February 1966

Rocky Marciano was a 'smart publicist' too.

He let out to the the press, that Tony Alongi would 'knockout' Clay.

And Tony did,,,,

Rocky, who convinced Tony to 'comeback' after quitting boxing 'twice' in 1965,
plans for Tony to challenge Cassius Clay for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Rocky Marciano, 'We need for Tony to get {8 to 10} bouts under his belt. He has
enough talent and professional experience to give Cassius Clay a fight. Tony could
be ready in early 1967.'

'There are some good prospects out there, Joe Frazier, James J. Woody and Buster Mathis
(if he could lose some of his fat). None of these guys have Cassius Clay's talent,
but each of them have the will to win, and that is something that cannot be taught.'

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Default Re: Tony Alongi 'Florida Superstar'

February 17, 1966

Exposition Hall - Portland, Maine

Tony Alongi (Rocky Marciano protoge') came on strong in the middle rounds, to
push back the early charge of New York Heavyweight - Boston Jacobs.

The 6' 4" 206 lb. Alongi (Passaic, New Jersey) had some difficulty in Rounds 1 and 2,
as he was surprised by the quickness of the 192 lb. Jacobs. The 6' 2" Jacobs, who
entered the ring with a 16-1-0 (8 KO's) record, was considered a 'club-fighter',
but he surprised the highly-regarded New Jersey-based heavyweight with his smooth
boxing ability.

Tony was able to get his left jab going in Round 3, and shook Jacobs with a left-hook
to the chin. But Boston Jacobs was able to get under Alongi's long arms in Round 4,
and won the round by crowding him inside.

But the #14-Ranked Heavyweight Alongi seemed to figure Jacobs out, and scored
with sharp left hands, and the swift crossing right to shake the 'upset-minded' Jacobs
in Rounds 5 and 6.

Both fighters slammed away in Round 7, but the 206 lb. Alongi was the more
effective boxer by landing the higher volume of punches. In Rounds 8 and 9,
Alongi let his left jab do the talking, to win both rounds, as Jacobs was unable
to get close or under Alongi's 'whip-like' arms.

Boston Jacobs rallied in the last round to try to swing the tide, but he came up
just short, in losing a 10-Round Split-Decision.

Referee.........96-94 (Tony Alongi)
Judge...........96-94 (Tony Alongi)
Judge...........96-95 (Boston Jacobs)

Tony Alongi improves to 38-2-1. Boston Jacobs falls to 16-2-0.

Rocky Marciano, 'I got a little nervous when the ring announcer said 'split-decision',
because Tony worked that jab like a surgeon from the 5th-Round thru the 9th Round.
I'm not sure what that one official was judging, but anyone could see that Tony clearly
won '6' of the Rounds easily.'

Tony Alongi, 'Boston was quicker than I expected, and I needed a couple of rounds to warm up.
But I was stronger, and landed the harder punches.'

Boston Jacobs, 'Tony is tough, but I thought I could use my speed to get an edge. If we fight
again, I'd fight the same way. It was close, but I can't argue the decision.'

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Default Re: Tony Alongi 'Florida Superstar'

Friday Night - March 4, 1966

Madison Square Garden

'Night of the Young Heavyweights'

#18 Heavyweight - Jerry Quarry 15-0-1 (9 KO's) vs. #14 Heayweight - Tony Alongi 38-2-1 (22 KO's)

20 year-old Jerry Quarry - 6' 0" 190 lbs. versus 26 year-old Tony Alongi 6' 4" 205 lbs.

A match-up of 'West Coat Young Prospect' versus 'East Coast Older Prospect'.
A puncher with a 'powerful' left-hook versus a boxer with a 'whip-like' left jab.

Also on the card;

Joe Frazier 5-0-0 (5 KO's) vs. **** Wipperman 30-5-1 (14 KO's)

James J. Woody 9-0-0 (1 KO's) vs. Lee Carr 6-3-0 (3 KO's)

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Default Re: Tony Alongi 'Florida Superstar'

'Another Controversial Bout - Jerry Quarry and Tony Alongi'

A 10-Round Draw at Madison Square Garden.

The opening betting-line had Jerrry Quarry as an 8-5 Favorite, but
by fight time Jerry was now a solid 3-1 Favorite.

Jerry's handlers (Jack Quarry and Johnny Flores) were worried about
fighting Tony Alongi, who they felt was too difficult opponent for young
Jerry at this time in his career. They preferred to fight Buster Mathis,
who was more of an in-your-face type of of fighter, while Tony was
'tricky and rough'.

The Fight

In the opening round, Quarry was able to get close To Alongi, despite
his 4" height and 8" reach advantage. Quarry worked the body with hard
left hooks driving Tony back, and landed a chopping right hand which
sliced Tony's left eye, causing a 1" slash.

Quarry maintained the pressure in Rounds 2 and 3, by crowding Tony
inside, where he was easy to hit. Quarry threw hard left and right hooks
to the body, neutralizing Tony from throwing counter-punches.

But by Round 4, Quarry was now standing up-right, allowing Tony to
land long-range left hands and hard left hooks to the body and belt-line.

Tony, who had a 15 lb. weight advantage, used his that to back Jerry up
in Round 5, as he out-worked Quarry by pounding his mid-section.

Thru 5-Rounds, Jerry Quarry was ahead 3-2-0 in Rounds over Tony.

In Round 6, the 'wily veteran' was able to land hard left hooks to the body,
as Quarry was finding it more and more difficult to get inside to
land his powerful hooks. Tony started backing Quarry up, as his
power had been diminished by the faster-pace and Alongi's offense.

But, Tony did land several border-line low-blows, and was warned
several times by Referee - Arthur Mercante.

Round 7 - Tony again starts backing up the fading youngster 'Irish Jerry Quarry,
with sharp left hands and stiff right-crosses. Besides controlling the round, Tony
begins to rough-up Quarry too, with a few elbows and some head-butts.

As Tony is pushing Quarry backwards into the ropes, Quarry explodes a left-hook
flush on Tony's mouth, dropping the 26 year-old veteran on the seat of his pants.
Tony bounces up at the 'Count of 3', and tells Referee - Arthur Mercante he 'slipped'.

But Mercante scores it a 'knockdown'. Tony is not hurt, and goes back to jabbing
as Quarry looks for the 'one-punch knockout blow'. Though Quarry scored a
'flash-knockdown', it was Alongi who piled up the points in the round, with crisp

In Round 8, Jerry was more stationary, as Tony was piling up the points, closing the
scorecard gap. Several left hooks from Tony strayed low, below the belt-line landing
in Quarry's groin, dropping him to the canvas. Referee - Arthur Mercante did not rule
it a knockdown, but an 'accidental blow'.

By the end of Round 8. Jerry was moving on 'stiff legs', and Tony had appeared to
'Even the Fight' in Rounds.

In Rounds 9 and 10, Tony kept jabbing and scoring, while Jerry Quarry was moving
on 'wooden legs'. Quarry tried, but he could not get inside, and Tony just kept
whacking him.

The Scorecards;
Referee, Arthur Mercante..........5-5-0 (Even)
Judge, Artie Aidala...................5-5-0 (Even)
Judge, Lou Birnbaum.................7-3-0 (Tony Alongi)

After bout comments;

'Jerry Quarry is young and raw, but he has great potential. This may have been the
wrong opponent for him to fight right now. Tony Alongi is a very difficult fighter
to look good against. Tony is a wily veteran.'

'Tony Alongi is a smart fighter, besides a good left jab, he knows how to use
rough-house tactics, as he is well-schooled and ring-smart.'

'The only way to beat Tony Alongi, is to stay inside and crowd him. With that
rail-thin body and long-arms, he has a difficult time fighting when he is crowded.
Jerry got schooled over the last 3-Rounds.'

'Tony Alongi can give anybody a good fight when he is on.

New York Daily News - Jerry Quarry prevented a loss by landing one-punch, that left hook
in the 7th-Round. At the time, he was getting pushed around by a 'veteran bean-pole' who
knows how to fight. Jerry better develop a right-hand, and quick, or he will fall to these
veteran fighters he hopes to defeat.

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Default Re: Tony Alongi 'Florida Superstar'

'California Rematch'

May 27, 1966

'Irish' Jerry Quarry and 'Tony the Kid' Alongi will do it again, but this
time in Los Anegeles.

The 'two' Heavyweights, who both hope to enter the Top 10, will
battle on Friday Night at the Sports Arena.

These 'two' battled to a 10-Round Draw at Madison Square Garden, 2 1/2 months
ago (March 4, 1966)

With a win tonight;

Jerry Quarry, would like to have '6' more bouts this year, and then a $1,000,000 fight
with Champion - Cassius Clay for early-1967.

Tony Alongi has been offered a bout with Top 10 Heavyweight - Eddie Machen, set for
June 23 at The Olympic Auditorium.

Betting Favorite - Jerry Quarry 10-8

Jerry Quarry 'The Bellflower Belter'
Record.....17-0-2 (10 KO's)
Height......6' 0"
Weight.....192 lbs.

Tony 'Kid' Alongi
Record......38-2-2 (22 KO's)
Age..........26 1/2
Height.......6' 4"
Weight.....204 lbs.

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Default Re: Tony Alongi 'Florida Superstar'


Tony Alongi had problems with his right elbow 'bone chips'.

Tony developed problems with the elbow in 1963, and it persisted in 1964.

The 'bone chips' forced Tony to pull out of a bout with #1 Heavyweight - Doug Jones
scheduled for Madison Square Garden on August 14, 1964.

The winner of the bout, was supposed to be guaranteed a fight with new Champion - Cassius Clay,
according to the WBA (World Boxing Association).

24 1/2 year-old Tony was 33-2-1 (20 KO's), and I believe he was ranked #8 by the WBA.

27 1/2 year-old Doug Jones was 24-4-1 (14 KO's), and was the #1 WBA Heavyweight.
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