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Brand NOOBian
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Default "Fasted" Training

I ate lunch around 12:30 pm and just drank water and green tea throughout the rest of the work day. I wasn't feeling hungry or tired after work, so I went to the gym at 7:00 pm without my usual pre-workout snack. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get through my reg. work out, but I ended up training at the same intensity for about 2.5 hours (30 min longer than I have been lately) without feeling burned out or anything. Not sure if it would have made a difference or not, but I didn't spar today. Are there any pros/cons of training like this from now on?

I read somewhere (think it was from [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) that training in a fasted state means that your insulin levels will be low, and that's ideal for fat loss because high insulin levels prevent the body from burning fat. I think he also said something about high intensity workouts in a fasted state will release fatty acids into the bloodstream, and following that up with low intensity cardio will burn up the fatty acids. Any thoughts on this?
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Sugar Boxing
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Default Re: "Fasted" Training

I did vegan diet for a month. Trained twice per day no problem.
I did not do heavy bag and much running, mostly general strength like push-ups, abs (20-30 min in the morning) and shadow boxing for 30-60 min in the evening.
To my surprise, all the month I felt quite ok I must say. This was never my purpose, but my muscles looked much better, because of lower fat level obviously.
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Default Re: "Fasted" Training

Training fasted v fed isn't going to make a difference, unless you're using certain things that are ineffective in the presence of hormones such as insulin. If you burn more fat during a workout, then your body is just going to compensate later by using something else. Overall daily macronutrient intake is what is going to dictate fat loss.
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Default Re: "Fasted" Training

I have no scientific evidence backing my claims, but i saw this bodybuilding post on facebook stating the personal recount of a bodybuilder on how the first thing he did every morning before he ate was 1 hour of cardio to enhance the fat burning effect like you stated
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