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Default Re: Paul Smith - no class

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
I agree with this. I've met him in person and he seems nice. What people write on forums/ twitter etc is no indication of what they are really like... It's just what they want you to see. Someone might not care how they are perceived by people they will never meet.

I know plenty of people who have very poor social skills and I mean the worst, who are basically ****holes who come across like heroes on twitter and forums.I read what they put and this is my face ... Knowing full well they are lying and/or are ****s.
I've met him a few times myself mate. Didn't care for him. Gave me the same spiel on 3 different occasions trying to come across as Barry big *******s. Trying too hard to be intimidating. Wasn't very impressive.

Give me Tony Quigley any day. Straight talker & menacing without having to bat an eyelid.

That said, Smith can be quick witted, articulate & funny. As far as 'Scousers on the telly who make me cringe' go, he's around the bottom. I actually think he could get a dodgy alphabet world title if managed right & even become a decent pundit.
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