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Default Re: If Audley is at his best he will KO Price!

How can Audley ko anyone if he doesnt throw any punches?!?
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Default Re: If Audley is at his best he will KO Price!

I don't know how David Price prepares for this fight. Audley Harrison is probably the most unpredictable fighter in boxing today.
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Default Re: If Audley is at his best he will KO Price!

Originally Posted by riggers View Post
PK you berate people who doubt Audley and say they have been brainwashed by the media. I say it's better to be brainwashed by the media as I apparently have, than to have been brainwashed by Audley Harrison as you have been.

If Audley wins, it changes nothing, it just means Price is worse than we thought. Audley is beyond redemption. And to the liar who says he threw one punch against Haye, he did not, he extended his arm he did not throw a punch.
I have no problem with people doubting Audley Harrison, i doubt Audley Harrison. I am not particularly confident that he can beat David Price at this stage in his career, but i will be supporting him. I am far from brainwashed, and i know exactly what i am talking about, and there is a reason and agenda behind everything i say.

My problem is people who have been totally brain washed and conditioned by the media in buying into the sterotype that Audley Harrison is some kind of a utter failure and fraud. Which is absolutely nonsense but..? Like i have stated before the BBC discriminates against boxing and the working class sports, and Audley Harrison has suffered institutionalised racism from the hands of the media. He has had his achievements tarnished for years, and character stigmatised. All fighters win and lose, the amount of negative press he has received has been beyond the call of duty.

I honestly believe it is more of a class thing than a race thing. You can be a successful athlete in this country, but once you start to branch out and aspire beyond the playing field into business elite establishments. There are allot of people out their behind the scenes, in this elite smug establishments and within the media that don't like it. This goes back 100's of years, the foundations of sports. How the MOB games formed, the peasants and the upper class. How the upper class, used the lower class as forms of entertainment in combat sports, sports with physical contact where the only sports that the upper class never played with the lower class. But soon enough the lower class started to take over, Patrons where like boxing promoters over a 100 years ago! The Gangsters from the streets, the criminal underworld, they all took over in a sport called boxing, but where the the upper class gentry go..."But they are no longer referenced to as this" where did they go eh..? They still found a way to control and keep people in check, through their influence on the media, through elite broadcasters establishments behind the scenes, but times are changing.

But times are changing, we have got people from the streets becoming millionaires, becoming brands. What makes you royalty, what makes you upper class money..? times are changing.

There is a order of things, and there are people behind the scenes that want to keep people and classes in check.

But they can't hold us back no more!

Boxing was not quite ready for Audley Harrison, he was a pioneer who tried something new. It didn't quite work out as plan, but he is no failure or fraud.
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Default Re: If Audley is at his best he will KO Price!

Boxing was not ready for Audley?

KOOL, for ****'s sake, what about his ABILITIES in the Pro Ranks? He's been a total ****ing failure & the fact that he's an Olympic Gold Medalist shows exactly how much of a failure he is.

The biggest Heavyweight Olympic Gold Medalist failure of all time.

Should've spent less time on A-Force & getting Beverley Knight to screech at his shows & more time in the gym getting punched in the face.
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Default Re: If Audley is at his best he will KO Price!

PK, more idiocy. No one has been brainwashed. The guy's failings didn't come because the BBC dumped him, or because the establishment was against him. They came because he made big promises and didn't come close to achieving them.

As things go, I think he's done very well. From a tough background, he's managed to win Olympic gold, to hold the European title and made a great living. He's got a wife and kids (I think), and is in good health.

But as a professional fighter, his performances and his achievements are pitiful. He doesn't even have Danny Williams' brave, doomed stand against Vitali Klitschko. Instead he bowed down meekly in front of David Haye, instead of grasping the opportunity and just going for it.

That's why people dislike him: he had a huge opportunity and he squandered it. He wasn't a failed experiment, he systematically alienated everyone who could have helped him.
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