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Default Wach interview

Mariusz Wach: In life there are things more terrible than the fight with Wladimir Klitschko

Future rival Wladimir Klitschko Mariusz Wach in an interview leading Polish radio station RMF FM told to prepare for a fight with the Ukrainian champion, the complexities of the negotiation process, the strengths and weaknesses of Vladimir, and that, due to what he's going to beat Klitschko.

Two years ago, in August of 2010, you helped prepare for Sam Peter rematch with Wladimir Klitschko. You were his sparring partner. Before leaving the training camp you say that for you it was a great honor, and you would like to try out as a contender. Now you know how it is?

I still have very fond memories of that trip. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by my attitude to boxing. We were there with Ty Fields - Peter prepared for battle. But it happened that after a few sparring Fields could not continue, so I had to spar with Peter on 6, 8 and 10 rounds. His coaches and Peter himself was very happy with what I have set the bar very high. He fought for the world title, and I almost did not yield to him in sparring.

You then thought that soon he'll be fighting for the world title?

No, I never thought about it. I was still not a lot of pro fights, and generally I do not think I would ever fight for a world title. Some men say that it is their dream, and I was not like this. Only a few months ago, I began to think seriously hard to get a fight.

Sam Peter, who helped you then, losing by knockout in the tenth round. Now you need to look for sparring partners for the fight with Wladimir. What has changed over the last two years in your box, in your psychology?

I changed a lot. In these two years I have made a huge step forward in the physical training and psychology. Now I'm a completely different fighter. Two years ago I was as warm dumpling, I know that. I do not want any calls. Now all that has changed - I set myself high standards in training, and my coaches also did not give me a descent. I moved to the U.S., where I spend most of my time, leaving my fiancee and my child in Poland. For two years I worked exclusively in boxing.

When you go into the ring and you will be in front of Wladimir Klitschko, who for eight years, no one loses, you will not feel you're a normal human fear?

This is, perhaps, does not sound reasonable, but on my way there are more formidable opponents than Wladimir Klitschko.

In the ring or in life?

In life. Then I could be afraid of. In the ring is the seconds, is a judge. Clearly, this is two different things, but I never thought about whether something bad will happen (in the ring). Fear is always somewhere a bit there, but during training and the fight itself it disappears. Then you do not think about.

In Vladimir Klitschko have any weaknesses?

Each boxer has his weaknesses, but he well knows. His former rivals also knew his weaknesses, but could not take advantage of it. I also know the weaknesses of Vladimir and I will work hard to deliver a good ball it is for him, take him off balance and win the battle.

You said that the previous opponents of Vladimir had the same or similar tactics, and you have to come up with something new. What mistakes of their predecessors you would not want to repeat it?

More than 50 of his opponents in boxing Klitschko in the same style, and each time, he knew what would be the course of the battle. All previous contenders got involved with him in his fight, but I will not do it - I myself will try to force a battle. If I can do it, I will dictate the fight.

What do you want to surprise?

I'm going to step in the ring full of confidence and take a bit of confidence in him. I'm going to treat him as an intruder. With this approach, you can win this fight.

You're up, Vladimir, and hands you longer. He never fought a boxer who excelled would it increase. How important is it?

He is the world champion and he fought with opponents of different sizes and different styles. He will have to hit a little higher, but it will adapt to it. He will take the higher of sparring partners, his coach would put his hands up in the work on the feet. In addition, the difference in growth between us minimum - four centimeters in foot growth is not so important. Everything will depend on the tactics.

Of tactics? Not on the speed and force of impact?

Not exactly on the speed. Of tactics and strength. Particularly important will be power struggle at close range - in the clinch. This requires a good physical shape. I think that much of the battle will take place in the clinch, and I will need it there to tire.

Klitschko admitted that it would be difficult to find a sparring partner of your size.

There are plenty of two-meter guys in boxing, but to find someone for 3-4 weeks is not so easy - one scheduled to fight, the other just had the fight, the third birthday.

You spent his last fight in March, Klitschko - in July. Are not you afraid that such a long break to play against you?

I think it will just go for me. Klitschko will watch my last fight with Ty Fields, which took place six months ago, and since then I have gained much skill. And it will be another obstacle for him, another mystery.

You said that the most intense period of their training you will have at least 4-5 sparring partners, and one of them will be a world-class boxer. Tell me, what criteria is selected, and can you name some names?

My sparring partners have to be like Wladimir Klitschko and the size and style. And a boxer is - is Englishman David Price. He could be one of my main sparring partner, though he scheduled to fight (on 13 October). Negotiations are continuing with it. It is hard to pick three or four sparring partners together, but we're trying to do it. I think we will succeed.

In addition to the physical training you will work with a psychologist?

Yes, yesterday I was the first such meeting. Sometime during the month I will be working with a psychologist five or six times a week. I consider myself mentally strong person, but I know that the closer to the battle - so it will be harder. And to keep the emotions "crush" me, I'm working with a psychologist. It can not hurt.

You have already received offers from the Klitschko brothers. You twice refused a fight with Vitali and once - a fight with Vladimir. Have you thought at the time that the offer may no longer do?

Thought. And if it depended only on me, I would have met with any of them a half years ago. Fortunately, the decision was made by my coaching staff and the promoter. And it is very good, because a half years ago, I was not prepared for such a battle, both physically and psychologically. And now I'm very strong.

You said that the first Klitschko conditions were not the best for you, but then they softened their stance. Tell me how it is - to negotiate with the boxer, who for a long time dominated the heavyweight title with his brother?

We went step by step and in the end, agreed. But I must say that the Klitschko brothers have a monopoly in the heavyweight division. They have patterns, and each boxer they send the same contract, and you either agree or not. Negotiations continue for a long time, sometimes even several years.

They probably made not very acceptable conditions only at the beginning of the negotiation process?

The most severe conditions they are portrayed in the beginning. And then it all depends on how important it is for them the opponent. If not, then they just broke off negotiations and turn to another boxer. And if you want to go back to negotiations, then you put up even worse conditions than in the beginning.

How long did your negotiations with Klitschko?

About two months.

Atmosphere before this fight is unusual enough - there is no boasting, no threat to the opponent. On the contrary - heard only compliments. You have to show your pictures together with Vladimir many years ago.

I am a man of peace. If Vladimir was behaving aggressively, I would be in aggression. If he boasted, I would have praised himself. But I know he's educated and smart guy. He always chooses his words balanced and does not give his rivals no reason to say anything bad about him. I do not like to boast. After the press conference, Vladimir was probably surprised at how I behave and what I said.

You're not the favorite in this game. Do you have a plan in case of failure?


You're not going to try again to win the title, if you lose?

Me and my team did not discuss such matters. All that we are interested in - this is a duel on 10 November. But whatever the outcome, I'm not going to finish his career after this fight.

Are not you afraid that after the battle you will be "downed pilot"?

If I see that I do not have the desire to continue to box or work, I can say to yourself, "enough." But I think that I will win this fight, and my career then only receive a new impetus.

Can you imagine a time when the referee raises your hand after this fight?

Such thoughts come. It would be a real shock to the world of boxing, and such a result would have gone forever in history. And these thoughts motivate me - they seem to give me wings.
Sounds up for it.
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Default Re: Wach interview

why woulnt he be...he will ed the klit this space...
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