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Default Re: Who had the most powerful, Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Hook, Overhand +Uppercut e

Talking about HWs...

Jab - Liston
Straight right - Wlad Klitschko
Left hook - Frazier
Uppercut - Tyson
Overhand R - Marciano
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Default Re: Who had the most powerful, Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Hook, Overhand +Uppercut e

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
Wlad's jab and Foreman's jab are absolutely dynamite. I'd add Liston based on evidence, though I don't know what his felt like(Lucky me).

Right cross: Wlad's out of the guys I've encountered. Gotta be Hearns overall on tape, though. There was nobody from 147-160, Marvin Hagler aside, that he couldn't hurt. I'm glad I never had to suffer a Shavers right, either.

Left Hook: A ton of people have told me Tommy Morrison had the most powerful left hook they had ever been hit with by some stretch. Frazier needs a shout, though I think his is the best overall, not the most powerful(Plenty walked through shots from Frazier I don't think they could have from Morrison, Joe was just twice the fighter). Tua's is probably the strongest, he torqued from the legs trying to knock a guys head off. ****ey and Tyson are up there for combining speed with apparent impact.

Overhand Right- I like the Rid**** Bowe shout, as he rarely threw a straight right hand, and the right-field looper was the punch he usually did real damage with. Lewis went over sometimes, to devastating effect. Gotta love Max Baer here, too. Gerald McClellan, too, boy, had some heat when he threw the right over the jab.

Uppercut- Lennox Lewis had the best uppercut I've ever felt. I've always loved Barrera's left uppercut early in his career, though. It looked absolutely brutal. Judah's uppercut is more of a tricky countershot; Sometimes it hurts guys badly, when he catches them unaware and out of position, and sometimes guys literally walk through it. Even Vitali didn't easily absorb Lewis' best uppercut, needing to hold for several seconds to clear his head.
I'd say this holds a lot of weight

Lennox Lewis had an amazing right hand and uppercut - the kind of roundhouse right he uses to starch Rahman is one of the best single punches in heavyweight history IMO (along with the right Rahman drop Lewis with too as a matter of haha). The uppercuts he used to stop Big Frank looked really bad too - Infact Bruno would probably be a good one to ask about uppercuts he took some brutal one in Tyson I aswell - Tysons uppercut is one of the very best I think.
Other particular punches that come to mind are Jack Dempsey's left hook - Joe Louis' short right hand was freakish too - jabs wise heaviest I'd say (but again I've only seen - not felt) from recent ish times Rid**** Bowe's - I remember Bowe nearly knocking down Holy in fight one with his - obviously Liston too and Joe Louis again on this one everytime he threw it it seemed to land and everytime it landed the guy on the receiving end looked like he really had to tense up to absorb it - it looked sickening - plus it was the most consistently powerful and accurate its all I'm used to seeing when I watch a Louis fight his opponents head and hair being rattled and shook very few seconds by that ramrod jab. Other left hooks I'm impressed by? Jersey Joe Walcott is one - anyone who can spring a one punch knockout on a consummate fighter like Ezzard Charles is very very special in my opinion
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Default Re: Who had the most powerful, Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Hook, Overhand +Uppercut e

Originally Posted by Theron View Post
Pretty much agree exept how is Joe Louis not in here he had a great left hook and do i have to mention the right hand?......
right hand is easy,George Foreman
yea Louis was great but for me no one punch of louis was the greatest,every punch was very good,but not the hardest,not the fastest..... he was a great combination puncher
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