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Kill a B
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Default Feedback for my strength / endurance training program please :)

I'm trying to make a 4-week strength / endurance program for myself and I would like some input on what I have so far.

My main goal is to increase my strength and muscle endurance to support my boxing and help me "pre-condition" myself to my next 4 weeks, which are more focused towards actual conditioning drills and explosive movements (plyometrics). I am also trying to progress towards being able to do the pistol squat.

I do two full body strength sessions per week plus an additional assistance session once a week, practice boxing three times a week and do some roadwork once a week. We also do different kinds of conditioning drills in my boxing practice more or less every session, so sport-specific conditioning is constantly included in my training. That's also why I want to devote my "own" time towards endurance and strength.

Unfortunately I do not have a pull up bar at home, but I have a resistance band which I use for pulling work.


Workout A - Mondays

- 5 x Bulgarian split squat (/w bench)
- 5 x Bodyweight / Light weighted squat
The leg part is done as a complex / circuit with no rest between exercises and 1-2 minutes of rest between sets.

- A pyramid set of extended rom push ups using push up bars (for example going from 1 push up to 10 and back down to 1).

- 5 x High pull /w resistance

- 3 x Bridges for reps
- 3 x Crunches for reps
- 3 x Lying hip swing for reps
- 3 x Plank for time
The core part is also done circuit-style with no rest between exercises and 1-2 minutes between rounds. When I do the crunches, I hold 2-3 seconds in the upward position and squeeze my abs, just like Ross recommends in his book "Never gymless".

Workout B - Fridays:

- 3 x Kettlebell snatch
- 3 x Kettlebell swing
- 3 x Kettlebell swing snatch
The kettlebell part is done as a circuit with no rest between exercises. Mind you that the kettlebell I use is quite light so this is quite a high-rep circuit focused more for endurance rather than maximal strength.

- 5 x Hindu push up
- 5 x L sit (light practice only)
- 5 x V-up
- 5 x Chinnies until burn is felt
This part is also done as a circuit. I left the back exercise out of this one, since I feel the kettlebell movements work my back a lot already. The L sit is simply a few seconds of practice for the exercise, as I cannot do it properly yet.


Wednesdays is my assistance session when I work on whatever I feel like is lacking really. I usually do some exercises to improve glute activation and some shoulder support exercises and maybe some L sit practice & an extra core workout.

After 4 weeks I am going to change up my program for more conditioning (such as the Magic 50) and plyometrics for another four weeks. Then I am planning to repeat everything from the beginning, obviously changing exercises up to more difficult versions if the previous ones feel too easy / get too high rep.

Any feedback how I could get more out of my two sessions? Or am I completely off? Any feedback appreciated
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