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Default Is Ward/Green any different than Guerrero/Berto

Both Ward and Guerrero used their strengths to push the other guy to the ropes, bury the head in the chest, and go to work.

One gets called a master technician, and the other gets called a dirty fighter. I'm not saying guerrero is as good of an inside fighter as Ward, but they both employed the exact same gameplan.

Berto had NO CLUE how to deal with that strategy and resorted to clinching and holding.
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Default Re: Is Ward/Green any different than Guerrero/Berto

kinda-ish similar, i guess

Ward's notoriety came primarily to the incidental clashes of heads, caused by the diving in. Interesting to see that problem has dropped significantly, insomuch that haters usually dont bother saying anything to that on future fights. Ward has beat his opposition all the same.

He also has other subtle inside techniques seemingly unique to the boxing world, which are declared as cheap, though legal shots. Fighters only can complain about the techniques cuz they dont know how to avoid or counter them, and call them cheap shots.

Early on, Berto didnt seem to know what to do, but then mid to late rounds he was almost breaking even at times in the inside....

It was interesting to see what would happen to a person who uses the shoulder roll have to fight against a southpaw pressure mauler/fighter? Well, that straight left can't be guarded against when the fighter steps to the left a bit... or right body jab if to the right side.

Sounds like a familiar super-fight?
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