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Default Were we too hard on big larry olubamiwo?

hear me out

I was one of the first to call him a cheating c*nt etc etc

However, lets look at boxing now as a whole.

First we have absolutely **** poor testing. Even Olubamiwo can load up with as much PED as he wants and get away with it for many fights. It's not hard to figure out what won't come up in a urine test and that is literally free to use to all boxers. Lance Armstrong said it best, he used because other people were using and had that edge over him.

Boxing is a life or death sport. You step into the ring, you may not step out of the ring. Your life is at risk. These guys have families to support, kids they love etc. If they believe their opponent has PEDs in his system, they are not going to risk losing to a guy juiced up and possibly getting hurt and not being able to provide for their kids. Even if they don't think the guy is juicing, getting that advantage over him is a means to putting food on the table and making your kids life easier. Its a no brainer for MANY a fighter out there.

We had suspicions about Pac
Marquez just looked huge and punched like a middleweight last night
James Toney
Dillian White
Roy jones
Shane Mosley
antonio tarver
Chavez jr
Fernando Vargas
Tommy Morrison (admitted using)
Ali Funeka
Joan Guzman
Frans Botha
Orlando Salido

I could go on here.

Larry is a cheater, but so are so many other fighters. I believe Larry was levelling the playing field and I believe boxing is akin to bodybuilding in that it is a high level juicing competition.

It's going to get even worse after last night. The whole world watched a potentially juiced Marquez dispose of Pac brutally. A lot of boxers will want to know what he is on and will want to hire the convicted PED cheat conditioner he has taken on.

To summarize, I apologise to larry olubamiwo for being a bit too harsh on him
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Default Re: Were we too hard on big larry olubamiwo?

There guys in that list who mistakenly took the wrong supplement or tested positive via contamination

Larry knowingly took a ****tail of illegal PEDs for years & was still ****
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