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Default Re: Defail wants to fight Froch

sorry but degale is no were near ready for froch! he hasnt got the movements to keep froch off on the ropes or the power to get frochs respect froch will march forward all the way threw the fight an stop degale
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Default Re: Defail wants to fight Froch

He's too easy to back up for my liking, which wouldn't be good against Froch.

He doesn't have the evasive skills necessary to win this one.

Froch could either stay outside and pepper him at range the way that Vitali Klitschko does, or take the fight to him. Fighting at range would be ridiculously easy, 118-110 x3.

He's not going to give the ground to DeGale the way that Groves did, he's got more confidence in his ability to take shots than Groves.

Speaking of Groves, I think him vs Froch would be a fun fight. You couldn't really be certain who would be the boxer and who would be the puncher, Groves likes to plant his feet and throw bombs, the left to the body or the booming Haye replica of a right.

I could see Groves having a bit of joy early but his defence at times is Leeds-esque.... and he burns a lot of nervous energy. I think Froch would stalk him, work the body a fair bit and get him out of there in the middle rounds.
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Default Re: Defail wants to fight Froch

Soon as Froch punches in 2's and 3's and steps in he stops Groves. Groves doesn't have a second phase to his defence. Can only defend the first punch and then he's open to the second and third.

I think he'd back up like Booth likes his charges to do. Either way him and DeGale are decent enough challengers but both would lose. DeGale lasting longer then Groves IMHO.
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Old 12-10-2012, 05:59 PM   #34
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Default Re: Defail wants to fight Froch

Can't see how he could possibly win. He isn't as 'skilled, slick etc' as Ward and doesn't possess the power to keep Froch from walking him down. Best he could hope for is taking it the distance but ultimately losing by UD.

Groves v Froch would be a more interesting match up, I can envisage Groves taking that one.
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Default Re: Defail wants to fight Froch

Im in the rarity in that im big fan of both degale and groves!

One if not both of these fights will happen quite simply because froch is at the stage of career where he will want the money fights to secure his future.After he fights kessler ward wont come to england which means these fight suddenly make a lot of financial sense.

More than likely these fights would come to soon for degale and groves but to say degale has no chance is simply ridiculous.In terms of speed and pure boxing talent degale has the upper hand hands down.However froch obviously has the power ,stamina and experience of big fights in his favour which would have to favour him.

Was very impressed with degale though on saturday.As the commentator correctly pointed out he didnt slap his left and his punches seemed a bit more powerful.he just needs to learn to finish.But that talent surely takes him to world level.

would be great to have the supermiddleweight domestic rivalrys back.I grew to love the sport in days of eubank,benn,collins and wharton.
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Default Re: Defail wants to fight Froch

I love Froch, but I think DeGale style wise isn't something the Cobra would deal with well. I do expect Froch to win, but it to be closer than the majority expect.

I think Froch stops Groves though. Its all about styles.
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