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Default Re: In many ways I feel Pac got railroaded....

Originally Posted by divac View Post
I do agree that Pacquiao had alot to lose going into this fight as he'd have to go into it knowing he likely needed help by the judges again.
When you've gottten schooled 3 straight times by the same guy, what confidence can you have going into a fourth?

Pacquiao had little choice on the matter though. He's become accustomed to paydays exceeding 10 million.
Only Mayweather offered Pacquiao above that payscale. Pacquiao wanted to fight Bradley again but not for the ammount of money Arum offered to have him take that fight. The Bradley fight bombed in sales so Arum could not guarantee Pacquiao what he made vs Bradley the first time.

The only other option left was Marquez. A fight Freddie Roach had voiced previously he did'nt want to take again because the same results would appear. Results where fight fans would voice corruption and dishonesty.
Results that would put a taint on Pacquiao's career.

Interestingly enough, Pacquiao did not fight the Kamikazee style Roach had promised. Pacquiao incorporated more movement and boxing to his plan. He was dipping a little lower and underneath Marquez' shots than the previous fights Marquez also tweaked his plan and threw his shots with more torque on them.

Pacquiao has the quickness and speed advantage, and he did better round by round in this last fight than he had done in any of the previous.
The rounds were fought much more competitively than any of the previous fights.
The mistake though is that you dont box with a master like Marquez.
He takes what you give him and makes you pay.

Checkout round 6 again people. Though Pacquiao had the edge in it, Marquez was clearing the cobwebs left over from the round previous where he was stunned and hurt. Round 6 was not a fast paced round. It was fought in a rhythm that leaves room for thinking. That leaves room for a master to set traps.

If you're inferior boxistically, dont ever give a master the chance to think, this will happen........
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Not making any excuses, Marquez landed the perfect punch and im proud of him. This is my first time seeing the KO from a top down perspective and you can really see how much Pac was stumbling from having his foot stepped on and then BANG!

Southpaw vs Orthodox though, just part of the game.
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