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Default My Sparring Video

Hey guys. About once a week I get together with some friends and we spar a little bit in grappling and boxing. I video taped our last workout and made a little movie out of it. We basically just do it for fun. I would like to join an MMA gym in the future and maybe even fight, but right now I don't have the time or money. I just thought that I would post the link to the video so you guys could watch it and maybe give me some good pointers on my boxing. Don't be too harsh, none of us have any experience in boxing. We were just going light this time, but any tips would be appreciated until I can join a gym. If you enjoy watching then like and subscribe to my YouTube channel because I plan on making a new video every time we train.

Here's the link. My name is Jimmy, I'm the big guy in the black sweatshirt.
The boxing starts at 5:05

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Default Re: My Sparring Video

I understand you guys are new and just sparring for fun, but I have to admit I lmao at your buddy's stiff robot defense, especially the turn at 5:37.

I can't offer a bunch of advice, I just skimmed the video, but from a fundamentals view, you really need to try and keep your right hand closer to your chin when you are jabbing, you seem to drop it a lot of the time or not even have it up. Easy to catch a left hook that way, which is kind of what happened at 11:43.

Again when you throw a 1-2, you tend to keep your hands down, you need to try and bring those in a straight line back to protect your chin.

If you can't get to a gym yet, more than anything I would work on conditioning so when you do go you won't fall over in the first round of mitts. Skipping, running, anything to get your cardio up.

Best of luck.
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