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Matt Ldn
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Default Re: Omar Henry

Originally Posted by Cut Me Mick View Post
He's younger than me, that's what gets me.

Nobody that age should be fighting for their life against cancer.
Its ****ing scary hes 26 for christs sake. Good luck to him, my thoughts with him and his family. Cancer is such a ****.
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Default Re: Omar Henry

one positive is that he is a full time athlete. the 1% includes people who where unwell, 50 a day smokers. or older as well.

if you where to choose someone with stage 4 cancer (that sounds sick as **** but in context) a young clean living boxer is somebody you would pick. he has the mentality of a fight that he can overcome. he can take the chemo better than most.
the slim chances are improved greatly because of occupation and for that he should have

this upsets me more than anything. he is way too young. my uncle died of liver/pancratic cancer back in the 80's. when it was pretty much a done deal that you couldnt survive. back when chemo was in it's VERY primitive stages compared to now. my family where told "we'll have to wait and see" which back then meant "there isn't anything we can medically do".

but with steve jobs having an extremely harsh case of cancer he was able to run a multi billion dollar copmany and still be hands on.

now with the new protein based chemo which a certain chosen protein (i think extracted form snake venom) can latch on to the cancerous cells and then release the chemo. instead of dropping nuke and hoping somebody survives it can now be pin pointed.

as much as he is in real real dire straits that i am in no way underestimating. he does have better odds.

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