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Default "I'm the best athlete ever, man. Ever. And you keep writing, dog".

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It's not personal between Mundine and me. I'm simply tired of him finding a pound of chopped liver and, as a fight fan, telling me it's a bucket of strawberries.

While Mundine believes he has led a golden era of boxing, I believe the past 10 years - with so many mismatches against trumped-up opponents, all for $49.95 pay-per-view - have done more to undermine public goodwill in the sport than any other time.

Few know what a good fight is these days and, worse, they've been conditioned not to expect one.
An untried Sonny Bill Williams against an over-the-hill Frans Botha? Why not cut out the middle man and leave a bucket at the door so we can drop our wallets in on the way through?
That, and his ability to launch high-octane insults seemingly without regard to their consequences, make it easy to take an opposing view. Mundine labels such critics as "haters". I prefer to see it as someone - to be harsh - calling bull**** when they see it.
"You just want to hate because, I don't know, because I'm me, and I'm raw. I want the best fighters and the biggest tests. So what's going to get me up for this fight. That's what I need. That's all I need. I want the biggest stage, the biggest test. That's all I need. I don't need nothing else.
"That's what gets me off because it's going to satisfy me so much that people like you, I'm going to prove wrong. And you keep writing, dog."
kent has a point. palmer WAS better....

Mundine: "You name me someone that done what I did and conquered two sports like I did."
Me: "Bo Jackson."
Mundine: "That's team to team. We're going from a team to boxing."
Me: "Ambrose Palmer."
Mundine: "Never heard of him."Me: "Aboriginal boxer, also played AFL."
Mundine: "Never heard of him. I'm talking world titles. I'm talking records, doing what I done. You know they gypped me in football, that's why I left the game.
Me: "We want to see you finally do what you're saying you're going to do."Mundine: "You just be at the fight."
Man in the crowd No.1: "Good questions, Paul."
Man in the crowd No.2: "Nice Google searching, ****head."

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Default Re: "I'm the best athlete ever, man. Ever. And you keep writing, dog".

.....and the mandy hole the ****wit puts himself in due to his ignorant mouth just keeps on getting deeper.
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