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Question Grant My Wish

Dear boxing promoters and organisers of the world,

I've been a boxing fan since I was a small boy in the era of Benn, Eubank and Collins. I remember those late nights watching in awe as these athletes would do battle and risk all for our entertainment. Since those days I've been absolutely hooked on the world's most beautiful yet difficult sport.

Now nearing my 30th birthday I'm still as addicted as ever, having watched some truly amazing fights, from Hamed / Kelley to Ward / Gatti and beyond. However I feel there is one thorn in the side of this amazing sport which needs to be removed for the game as a whole to continue onward.

Having been a loyal servant to boxing all my life, all I ask is for just one thing in return - One Little Wish in return for all my years of loyal attention, all the hard-earned cash spent on pay-per-views and live tickets. And if this wish were granted I would truly be your most humble supporter for all of my days.

All I ask is that someone finally, finally get rid of Audley Harrison for me. Yes, Audley ****ing Harrison. His humiliating career is a black eye to the whole sport. The man's beyond a laughing stock. I told my friends I was going to watch the Harrison / Price fight and they laughed at me. I'd say Harrison is a clown, were it not for the fact that even clowns eventually retire. Audley just won't. He's like the sweaty fart smell you just can't get out your nose.

So boxing promoters of the world, I humbly ask - nay BEG of you. Please, in time for my 30th Birthday, all I ask is for one fight to be made. Given Audley's laughably low stock it shouldn't be too expensive to make either. All I ask for is this...

Audley Harrison vs Kimbo Slice.

Let's face it. It would be ****ing hilarious. Neither of these two should really have a boxing licence, but this truly is one fight that every loyal boxing fan around the world deserves to get to see. It would be like watching a bear mauling a fish.

Please boxing people, pretty please with sugar on top, make this happen. Please arrange for Fraudley to get one more epic beating. Then maybe, just maybe, the virus that is Audley Harrison's "boxing career" will come to an end. Kimbo is the perfect person to break Audley's jaw with that lethal left hook of his, and having Audley unable to talk any more would be a true service to all humanity.

Please. Please. Please.

- dstephe4.

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Teak Tough
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Default Re: Grant My Wish

Good fight, I'd watch it but can you imagine if Audley won, the exposure he would get from this would have him convinced he's in track for a title.
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Default Re: Grant My Wish

Why've you used a different type face?

Harder to read.
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