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Default playing with opponents gloves

I see a lot of really good guys continously jabbing and hitting their opponents gloves to set something up and I was coming here to see if anyone had a trainer or if anyone does this? Playing with opponents hands to set up a better angle for another punch?

Also on this topic as southpaw a trainer told me to jab to their rear glove and then throw the 2. As this will cross them up and very effective. Didnt try it yet but its on the same concept as hitting the gloves to set something up. What do yous think of this?
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Default Re: playing with opponents gloves

I do it. If he's got a tight guard, jab at a glove to open him up and follow up with a straight right. Although, i'm not an amazing boxer, so maybe I shouldn't be giving advice. lol.
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Default Re: playing with opponents gloves

I'm told to do it more than I do. Alot of times it's smart if the guy is shelled up, but there's other ways too.

You can jab their lead forearm/elbow to get them to keep it there. You can punch the lea hand and follow with a cross. Mainly you just want to touch them with the jab and annoy them. Helps you dictate range.
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Default Re: playing with opponents gloves

Too much of it can be very bad, but against a lesser experienced/ knowledgable opponent it can be priceless. For example, it can work badly for you if all your doing it tapping your opponents gloves - he'll figure you out and just walk forward with a big back hand over your tippy tapping and land square on your chin. However if you've got a negative opponent, giving his gloves a little tap can encourage him to loosen up a bit and give you some openings - my prime example of this would be a trick I like to do (when I can get away with it) is to tap my openents gloves with my jab and he'll likely stick his lead hand out to push my hand away, which is when I very quickly slap his hand down in a parry-esq motion and land a hard straight right to his uncovered chin. Not only does it hurt him and catch him stunned, he'll likely box negatively knowing that your putting him into traps and makes him think your in complete control and it will likely allow you to stamp authority onto the contest.
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