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Default Re: Rios' post-fight antics - anyone else actually like it?

Originally Posted by Genaro G View Post
R u gonna tuck him in and sing him a lullaby while ur at it?
Would you like that G?
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Default Re: Rios' post-fight antics - anyone else actually like it?

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
Seen a few people complain about Rios' behaviour during the post-fight interview. But honestly, I applaud him for it. Both him and Alvarado. You could tell how much that fight meant to them both; with Alvarado being so passionate and defensive over the belt he just won, and Rios being bitter (in a good way!) at not getting the victory after spilling his heart and guts out. Both of them shouting in each other's faces as if those 12 rounds of pounding the **** out of one another wasn't enough for them . What warriors, man. ****in' warriors!

So you can call Rios a ***** or a cry baby if you want, but I was seeing a guy who's just incredibly passionate about his game. No need to give him **** for it, in my opinion. He, in the interview, was just exhibiting the same hunger and competitiveness that makes us love his fights. The same **** that makes boxing so awesome to watch. He just gave it his all in rematch he was never obliged to give -- whilst entertaining us fans -- and fell ever so short of winning the world title.

So well done Mike and Brandon, and thank you once again for giving us an incredible night of boxing.


Boxing needs more fighters like these two, their attitude is what this sport is all about, they fight their asses off and when its said and done look at how they act....

Rios and Alvarado are what this sport is all about..... I will take these type of fights over the "Slick Skilled" fights any day of the week
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Default Re: Rios' post-fight antics - anyone else actually like it?

Being real apparently is synonymous with being primitive. Interrupting an interview like that was just annoying. They both have respect for eachother, bull. He has respect for his skills, but he just wants that guaranteed rematch so people can whine like klitschko fans about a rematch if he doesn't get it. I love passion in a fight, but I have more respect for someone who acts civilized afterwards. If it was in a basement, different story, but give the guy his moment after winning his title. Now his night is marked by a pest during his moment of glory. I can see where the "real" people are coming from but those are tinted glasses; it was just him acting like an ass.
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