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Default offset someone

What does that mean? when a coach says he "off set" his offense by this/that etc etc.......can anyone give me any kind of definition/example?
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Default Re: offset someone

I would guess it's just semantics. From a generic standpoint, when you off-set something, you lessen or counter it's effects. So I think he's just saying to "address" his offence by.....
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Default Re: offset someone

Your coach probably just means to counteract what the opponent is trying to do (offset his jab by countering it, etc).

In judo there's a principle called off-balancing (kuzushi). It applies pretty well to boxing though (especially infighting). You can literally unbalance an opponent in a ton of ways and it opens them up. Bump with your shoulder/forearm, make them completely miss and move around them, hit them as hard as you can on the shoulder to push them to the side, steer their head with your lead hand, etc.

You can throw a person off by ****ing with their balance and rhythm. Throw your jab a lot to break their rhythm, move away when they attack to make them reach, blast them with a counter when they open up, hold them or turn them when they throw a combo, etc. Just mess with their game and make them react to you.
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