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Primadonna Kool
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Default Teddy Atlas, Holyfield Vs Tyson I

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I disagree with the comment saying Mike Tyson had no Character. Mike Tyson had Character just like every other fighter. What Mike Tyson lacked was mental focus and psychological stability and endurance. People forget Mike Tyson was a person who was very insecure, and in the ring you cannot hide from who you are. For Mike Tyson to successful he needed the perfect team, the perfect environment, the ground to be gold that he walked on. And in “Team Tyson” he had all of the, it was “Team Tyson” that where there to give him confidents, and mental stability, he needed that because Mike Tyson was not as strong as Mu hammad Ali or Evander Holyfield in that department, which is very clear to see. Its no secret that Cus-damato was applied sports psychology to boxing, he told fighters that they will be scared, you will get hit, he told them what they didn’t want to hear. It’s how you deal with it, as a fighter and an athlete that can improve performance. After Mike Tyson left Team Tyson, he did not have that stability, or sports psychology, he needed special help unlike other boxers like Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis who where self motivators, Mike Tyson needed to be instructed, work ethic needed to be installed. On this fight Mike Tyson was just not good enough on the night, he hit Evander Holyfeild. And there was no affect, it was’nt the 1980’s, boxers weren’t falling down off one punch. It would of took a sustained attack and punishment consistent throughout the fight to stop Evander Holyfield, or even have a chance to stop him. And Evander Holyfield did not allow this to happen and was simply was totally the better boxer, fighter, bully, no excuses.

Mike Tyson gave it his all against Evander Holyfield but he was beaten by the better fighter on the night
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Default Re: Teddy Atlas, Holyfield Vs Tyson I

without watching all of that, Lupica is a ****ing ****sucker in general, don't really care what he has to say on the piece.

As for the piece, to me you're making a semantic argument, what they mean by character are the things you describe right after character: mental focus, stability, endurance (a function of training) self motivation, etc, that is what they mean he lacked, and compared to the all time greats, he did lack it in relative terms.
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Default Re: Teddy Atlas, Holyfield Vs Tyson I

Teddy Atlas is an annoying announcer, hypocrite, and an overrated trainer.

**** him.
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