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Default Uk Amatuer Boxing - Eyesight Question

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this has already been asked a hundred times before, but I wanted an awnser specific to my situation.

Basically, I suffer from semi-bad short sightedness. My prescription is -2.75 in the left eye and -4 in the right eye.

When I spar I can see fine, and when I'm shadow boxing I can see punches quite clearly from at least a boxing rings length a way.... I can confidently say I have no problems with it.

If I wanted to compete under ABA rules, would I fail a medical?

Many thanks!
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Default Re: Uk Amatuer Boxing - Eyesight Question

Here's something from the rules book:
d) Eyes and eye-sight: i. Visual acuity must be assessed separately for each eye by the Snellen method, WITHOUT contact lenses or spectacles being worn. Visual acuity which is worse than 6/12 in the better eye and/or worse than 6/24 in the poorer eye automatically renders a boxer unfit to box.

I don't know how it is in the UK, but in other countries you can always find doctors who don't go through the medical examination so seriously.
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