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Default Re: interesting fact about the HW division , take a look.

Originally Posted by BigEars
Great point Cash , an American is an American . I
Well actually depending on what you believe, we are all Ethiopian or Iraqi with a few hundred other scenario's inbetween...

But the Americans would of still dominated Heavyweight boxing all the way up to the 80s IMO with or without faux Marxism in the second world.

If you look at the amateur records there was no Heavyweight champion of the Olympics or World Championship from the old USSR. The only big man from the second world to make it was Mr Stevenson...

The USSR and the old Warsaw pact countries tended to have talented fighters at the lower weights.
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Default Re: interesting fact about the HW division , take a look.

Originally Posted by MrStayman
Eastern Europeans are white. Larry Holmes said that there will never be a white champion with blacks fighting the way they are. Therefore, your argument that Holmes was partially correct is absolutely 100% wrong; a white soviet champion refutes Holmes exactly as much as a white american champion would.
This is correct and I agree. But at the time , Holmes didn't know better. He was obviously reffering to the white fighters he had to deal with in his era , may I remind you that the expression "white hope" was created by the american media.

I was just pointing out a real fact. do the experience yourself. Let's say , there would be no russian invasion of the hw division or simply say they'd still be all banned from participating today...

well , you can clearly notice that not a single white american fighter is there to dominate.

It's just a simple reality. this thread was just some sort of mathemetical observation of the rankings.

there's a saying that goes ,
"the more things change the more they stay the same"...

I think it's very true in that particular case.
In reality , the awaited "white hope" is still nowhere to be seen because all these white fighters are not representing america.
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Default Re: interesting fact about the HW division , take a look.

Originally Posted by boxingcar
Nothing has really changed when you think about it.

If you substract every fighters coming from russia , or to put it simply , every single eastern european fighters.

The heavyweight division would still to this day , be totally dominated by americans.

In other words , if all these guys were gone or not permitted to fight in pro boxing (just like in the good ol golden era or boxing).
the average american fan would still be looking for his white hope in the hw division.

Check this out ,
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

All the american flags are representing an african american athlete with the exception of Ruiz & Arreola.

And that's just for the top 25
If you click on the next page and do the same (substract all white fighters from eastern europe). It's almost the same story.
All the american flags are representing an afro american athlete.
(with the exception of Mike Mollo , Brian Minto ,tye fields)

the same trend goes for basically the entire hw division.
So if you take all the white Europeans and the White Americans out of the top 25, there would be no whites? ya...makes sense.
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