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Default Re: Dawson Vs Zambidis Spoiler!

Originally Posted by p4p1
dawson was never going down he controlled the fight mark de mori has hit dawson with everything and not put dawson down zambidis was dropped 3 times which were not counted he was never hit in the nuts explain when you bend someone over how u can knee them in the nuts why was the knockdown at the end of the 3rd not counted? zambidis is one of my faveroute fighters i beleive he lost. the only reason dawson was able to grapple even if the rules did not allow it they were not inforced the ref's fault not his. why did zambidis think he had lost he was about to tell solak he thought he lost before solak told him to stop talking
1.mike was on the front foot most of the fight ,dawson backpedling scared to mix it up with hands,then jump foward on occasion trying to grapple and knee.mike controled this fight ,not dawson.
2.slips are not knockdowns,either are pushes ,thats why dave hedg**** repeatedly telling dawson to stop pushing.all the previous undercard fighters were going down all the time from slips,slippery surface.mike was clearly hit in the nuts ,and went down twice from it,as you do.end of the 3rd dawson tried to knee,dawson pulled mike forward ,looked like mike fell from being off balance and not from the knee attempt.i asked mike after the fight bout the nut shots he said he didnt know wheather it was kick or knee,he said he wants to see the tape,but they hurt him alot. way in hell did zambo think he lost ,he was about to say **** knows what to solak ,u a mind reader? zambo had his hand up waiting for his victory to be announced unlike mundine solimon 1 when u know u lost and hands are bye ur sides.i asked mike how u think u went ,his response i quote,i hit him with some good shots,he didnt hurt me apart from nut shots,i think i did enough to win ,i was tired from jet lag,i want to see the tape.

4.i asked chris johnson sniper who he thought won, i quote ,i think mike landed the cleaner ,harder shots,close fight but i think mike did enough to win ,but what would sniper know.any clinch and knee situation daniel had mike in was worth one point even if more than one knee was landed due to the a1 rules ,which means one point max ,which most viewers wouldnt know.

conclusion; great fight ,love to see a rematch,cant wait to see the tape,mike won the fight .if u go to kick boxing .com u can see photos which realy sums up mikes great defence and clean shots to dawsons head,sweat flying everywhere, pictures do tell a thousand words.
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