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Old 03-18-2008, 08:48 AM   #1
Raging B(_)LL
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Default Bobby Chacon vs Rolando Navarette

Since nobody ever starts any threads on my all-time favourite fighter, I guess I have to do it myself! So who wins this fight between these two exciting jr.lightweights who missed out on fighting each other?

Navarette had a great counter right-hook and a nice technically solid style, which I enjoy watching a great deal. He took Boza apart with the hook and controlled their fight from the start, he also holds a win over the talented Korean Chung Il-Choi and dominated most of the early/middle rounds against the exceptionally tough Limon, before fading and being stopped late.

Now as much as I like him if Bobby tried to brawl with Rolando I`d slightly favour the filipinos more accurate, sharp punches to get the better of Chacon and win a decision. But if he fought him the same way he did against Arguello with lots of movement and lead rights he will give Navarette some serious issues as he liked to keep the fight at ring center and counter his man.

However, if the Chacon who went to war against Bazooka Limon in their final bout shows up I think he would stop Navarette late in a brutal fight, one that he would possibly be trailing on the cards before the stoppage. What I`d give to have Chacon, Limon, Boza, Navarette and Choi fighting today along with the current talent we have at the weight.... the jr.lightweights would be the most exciting division today!

Anyway, I`m going with Bobby by late rounds stoppage, say circa 14th in another outstanding and exciting fight for the fans.
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Old 03-18-2008, 12:24 PM   #2
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Default Re: Bobby Chacon vs Rolando Navarette

I too would imagine a late-stoppage win for Bobby Chacon.......but I can't rule out a UD decision for Bobby either, as Bazooka Limon invested alot of body shots for later in the fight, which I would imagine slowed Navarette down tremendously......I give Limon the edge over Bobby in body-punching which makes me think Navarette wouldn't be slowed down quite as much as he was against Limon......which would lead me to think Chacon UD........but Bobby was a bigger puncher than Limon in my opinion, so its 50/50 for a late stoppage as well....either way, one of my favorite matches that should've happened but didn't....too bad though, could've been a classic!
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Default Re: Bobby Chacon vs Rolando Navarette

Surprising these two missed each other really. I haven't seen a lot of Navarette, just the Limon fight, but that showed a quick-fisted, powerful southpaw whose defense wasn't quite up to snuff and who could be hurt.

Because of this, I see it playing out much as RB; Bobby taking a pounding from his fresher, quicker opponent until he begins to find a home for the right, and then Navarette begins to unravel.

Probably a bit unfair for me to even guess on this, as I've seen so little of the Filipino.
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Curtis Lowe
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Default Re: Bobby Chacon vs Rolando Navarette

I'd go with Chacon late TKO over Navarette. It would been a great action fight. I think everybody knows how could Chacon was, but Navarette is not as well known, but was a very good fighter. He was very popular in his native Phillipines, though.
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Old 03-18-2008, 05:01 PM   #5
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Default Re: Bobby Chacon vs Rolando Navarette

The Navarette that completely dominated and destroyed Boza, and was able to grind out a win over the huge punching Choi would be too sharp and compact for Chacon.

Great fight.
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