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Old 07-15-2007, 10:39 PM   #16
Oscar de la Roa
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Default Re: most of paul williams' pitty pat was blocked

margarito clearly lost this fight, altough he really punished williams cut his eyebrow, landed tough punches to the body, the punisher won but he became punished, great fight by the way
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Old 07-15-2007, 10:41 PM   #17
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Default Re: most of paul williams' pitty pat was blocked

Originally Posted by JERMZ BOXING
paul "slap-on-gloves-then-octopus-grab" williams would've won if this were the amateurs...Margo has been on the shelf for too long... this obviously wasnt the Margo who Killed Cintron...BUT i think Cintron would DESTROY floyd, no cotto, Cintron alone can beat this freak
Tho I feel your right about Cintron having a better chance than most fighters vs Williams. I definately gotta take ya to task on some other stuff.

Towards the end of the fight, the ref again warned Williams for holding...followed by the announcers totally disagreeing with the ref, saying that Margarito was the one initiating most of the clinches. And sure enough, if you watch the fight again, while Williams has his arm d****d over Margo's to one side, you can CLEARLY see Margarito holding Williams first on the opposite side of the ref. Its a smart veteran move. Williams got baited into it, the ref got baited into it. And apparently, so did every Mexican boxing fan on this site (tho I think its more to the fact that its their only arguement).

Go watch the fight again....its plain as day.

Now as for the Margo that killed Cintron. Yes it was the same fighter....only difference is, Williams is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT fighter than Cintron is. Margarito is his best when he can outwork and out muscle his opponent inside. The way Williams fights, it makes doing that HELLA ****IN HARD!!!

And you were wrong about Margo being off too long. But someone already explained that for ya.....

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Old 07-16-2007, 12:13 AM   #18
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Default Re: most of paul williams' pitty pat was blocked

The winner was Cintron last night he looked great speed and power Emanuel is doing a great job,don't forget his foe went 10 rounds vs Williams.
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Old 07-16-2007, 12:39 AM   #19
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Default Re: most of paul williams' pitty pat was blocked

Okay, let me break down the way I see things. I'm seeing a whole lot of you who were saying Margo isn't **** with new Williams avatars. If you truly believe Margo wasn't ****, then you shouldn't be taking Williams' victory so seriously.

Taking a look at his style as objectively as I possibly can. I see him as a guy who's better than Margarito, but also seems to have some serious flaws in his defense.. Williams at this point is pure offense, he doesn't seem to go out of his way to take advantage of his height advantage enough to have the same sort of success against a fighter like Cotto, who is a far more accurate and effective body puncher than Margarito is.

Openings are there, I seriously think a lot of you are taking this victory too seriously without considering the strengths and weaknesses of Williams' style. I think he will be able to overwhelm most opposition he goes against, but once he steps into the ring with fighters with cute defenses and accurate, powerful punches, he is going to have some serious problems.

Just consider the Margo fight. If he fought Cotto the same way, eating body punches and allowing exchanges on the inside, do you really think he would win? This last fight answered several questions for me.. Margo has a great chin, good endurance but lacks speed and accuracy.. I immagine the bane style to Williams' belongs to none other than Cotto. I think Williams would beat Cintron.. I think Floyd would be able to counter him and pull off a U.D. I think Cotto would knock him out.
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Default Re: most of paul williams' pitty pat was blocked

PW would KO Overrated Cintron who is being handled very carefully.
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